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January 1, 2016 Stock Pick: QLogic Corp. (QLGC)

Stock Price: $12.20

QLogic Corporation designs and supplies high performance server and storage networking infrastructure products that provide, enhance, and manage computer data communication.

The cloud is where it’s at in computing right now and companies that help support the cloud (bundles of servers packaged in nice virtual software packages for commercial and consumers) are in great position to reap the growth from the cloud.

QLGC generated revenue of $103.3 million last quarter ending September 27th, 2015 and net income of $2.221 million on a gross profit of $61.17 million.

QLGC at a market cap of $1.02 billion is trading at just under 2 times sales with fiscal 2015 revenue coming in at $520 million on a profit of $50.59 million.

QLGC looks undervalued moving forward and could do quite nicely with the stock trading just under its 50-day and 200-day moving average.

Speculative Score: 2

1 Being the Least Speculative and Most Confident

10 Being the Most Speculative and Possibly the Most Risky

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