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September 17, 2007 Stock Pick: RF Industries Ltd. (RFIL)

Stock Price: $6.46

RF Industries, Ltd. provides interconnect products and systems for radio frequency (RF) communications products and wireless digital transmission systems in the United States.

RFIL has grown revenue the last three years from $11.22 million in 2004 to $13.15 million in 2005 to $15.18 million in 2006. Net income has been positive each year with net income of $1.54 million in 2006.

Revenue for the most recent quarter came in at a record $4.31 million with net income of $434,000.

RFIL has cash and available-for-sale investments of $7.81 million. The company's balance sheet is clean with assets exceeding liabilities by over 11 to 1.

RFIL is trading at a market cap of only $20.99 million and recently declared a $0.02 per share quarterly dividend on a quarterly EPS of $0.12.

We believe is undervalued and becoming discovered.

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