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June 3, 2004 Stock Pick: Red Hat, Inc. (RHAT)

Stock Price: $28.72

Red Hat, Inc. is principally involved in designing and marketing its distribution of the open source Linux operating system. Red Hat is targeting server and desktop users through major vendors including IBM, Dell, and Sun Microsystems.

Linux is similar to Microsoft Windows. However, Linux has not become a major part of the desktop world. Red Hat is making their flavor of Linux more user-friendly and vendors are beginning to create their software specifically for Red Hat.

Red Hat, Inc. is the closest competitor to Microsoft in the operating system space. Red Hat has made up much ground since its inception. Mainly, they have gained in the server arena. The operating system hosting and many other sites is Linux.

The U.S. government loves Linux for its flexibility and strength in information warfare. Linux was founded on the idea that there would be various brands of Linux, and that it would not become proprietary. However, Red Hat is starting to become known as the brand name Linux.

RHAT's stock price has been running up since the end of last summer and is not showing signs of letting up. The company is well known, promising, and best of all at the forefront of Linux.

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