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April 19, 2006 Stock Pick: Systems Evolution, Inc. (SEVI)

Stock Price: $0.0295

Systems Evolution, Inc. is an integrator of Microsoft tools and provider of business consulting services. The company also provides managed network support.

SEVI does some of the same things that NMKT does, but on a smaller scale. NMKT is sitting at a market cap of $48.67 million while SEVI is sitting at a market cap of only $3.13 million. Both companies are growing fast in the same sector.

On March 21, SEVI reported some significant revenue news. The company reported that they acheived over $100,000 in revenue per month from operations in December, January, and February. SEVI's Next Hire division has been pulling in revenue involving information technology for the oil and gas industry. Once again, similar to NMKT who is servicing IT in oil and gas for the Venezuelan government.

Yesterday, SEVI announced that revenue from its Next Hire division exceeded $140,000 in March. Now that is at least $440,000 in revenue generated by SEVI over the last four months. Annualize that and that's $1.32 million in revenue for twelve months. They are growing so it would actually be much more than that in real terms.

Earnings are due out at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. A conference call will be held by the CEO at 1.800.446.1671.

Maybe the most interesting part of SEVI is its recent chart pattern. Since the end of January, SEVI volume has picked up significantly. The stock has reached much higher highs, and higher lows. Right now, SEVI is technically at a perfect buying point. Also, Someone has been accumulating huge before earnings.

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