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October 24, 2005 Stock Pick: Snap 'N' Sold Corp (SNPD)

Stock Price: $0.04

Snap N' Sold Corp. is engaged in the eBay drop store industry through its website at and their physical locations.

This company is on the pink sheets and should be considered quite risky with little cash on the balance sheet and liabilities exceeding assets. We do, however, believe that SNPD is a strong trading play. Right now, SNPD is at major support as volume continues to hold. Volume has been strong on its moves above $0.10 and weak on its runs back to $0.04.

The company has basically been acquiring ebay drop off stores and businesses that meld well within the space. An ebay drop off store is a location where people drop off their used or new goods to have Snap 'N' Sold sell on ebay. For some, it is much easier for Snap 'N' Sold to list the items instead of themselves.

It could become a strong company, but it is much too early to tell. The CEO seems extremely upbeat and ready to take on the drop store industry and become a leader. The interview of the CEO is on

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