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June 8, 2005 Stock Pick: Sento Corporation (SNTO)

Stock Price: $2.40

Sento Corporation offers high-tech solutions for customer acquisition, customer care, technical support and help-desk functions. The company's flagship product Customer Choice Platform(SM) allows customers to make choices in communication channels from a range of web-enabled self-service options with live support available at every critical point.

For the most recent quarter (Q4), Sento reported revenues of $9 million and a net loss of $790,327. For fiscal 2005, the company surpassed their $30 million revenue goal by reaching annual revenue of $31.8 million. Operating profitability is expected by the fourth quarter. $40 million in revenue is expected in fiscal 2006.

Right now, the company has a market cap of only 9.25 million, SNTO is trading at only .29 times fiscal 2005 sales. SNTO book value is $2.38 with 3.81 million shares outstanding. SNTO has also hit a bottom at $2.20. SNTO is at its 52-week low and has no where to go but higher from here. Once volume picks up it will be trading at much higher levels.

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