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August 20, 2011 Stock Pick: SodaStream International Ltd. (SODA)

Stock Price: $37.94

SodaStream International Ltd. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of home beverage carbonation systems and related products. The company's home beverage carbonation systems enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water.

We believe that SODA is in a market with a lot of future potential despite mediocre guidance on its earnings recently. SODA has 25% household penetration in Sweden and the US comprises only 20% of SODA's business, so there is significant room for growth.

This is also a perfect time to be taking a look at SODA after it dropped from its 52-week high level of $79.72 all the way down to around $38 now. The $38 level also marks an approximate support level for SODA shares.

We believe that SODA is an excellent opportunity at its current price. SODA grew revenue from $150.6 million in 2009 to $215.5 million in 2010.

Speculative Score: 3

1 Being the Least Speculative and Most Confident

10 Being the Most Speculative and Possibly the Most Risky


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