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January 5, 2005 Stock Pick: Spacehab, Inc. (SPAB)

Stock Price: $2.01

Spacehab, Inc. is a leading provider of commercial and government space services with three primary business units. The three primary business units include flight services, payload processing support services, and government services.

Spacehab has major connections in the private and public sector including NASA. In early November, they received an $8.2 million compensation payment from NASA that sent shares up 81%. SPAB has since been staying around the $2.00 level.

SPAB appears to be undervalued. The company's revenues were over $13 million for the most recent quarter with net income of 6.96 million.

Spacehab is going after NASA for more losses incurred from the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy. If they receive more payments from NASA, the stock could easily soar much higher again.

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