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October 17, 2005 Stock Pick: Synergy Brands, Inc. (SYBR)

Stock Price: $2.25

Synergy Brands, Inc. is a holding company that operates in wholesale distribution of consumer goods as well as retail distribution (B2C) of premium cigars and salon products through three segments. The consumer products are concentrated within the Grocery and Health & Beauty Aids (HBA) industries as well as the premium cigar business.

For the most recent quarter, the company reported revenues of $15.9 million, up 24%. Net loss was reduced significantly to $280,870 from $700,008. Earnings will be out again in less than a month.

The company just signed a major partnership with allowing SYBR to sell their premium cigars on a wholesale basis at the outlet shopping site.

SYBR has traded in a tight range since earnings on August 15th. The stock is finally beginning to break out and should move much higher as earnings approach.

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