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March 18, 2004 Stock Pick: Taser International, Inc. (TASR)

Stock Price: $12.52

Taser International, Inc. makes "less-than-lethal" weapons designed not to kill, but to stun people into submission with an electrical jolt measured in MDUs -- muscular disruption units.

Each time TASR has been down around this level it has always rebounded strongly above $20 and at times $30s. Volume needs to pick up once again to the levels it has in the past if it is to push higher like in the past.

Once again, TASR has been crushed lately due to accounting, safety, and class action lawsuit issues. However, not many stocks could weather such a storm as TASR is doing. The fact remains that many people love this company and its future because of its futuristic, sexy appeal and its earnings potential. Its competitors don't have the distribution network, track record, or reputation making TASR that much more unique. The best part is the company still has a very low market penetration, and has every reason to expand.

There was a recent Zogby International Poll indicating 77% support the use of the Taser and 61% support citizen ownership. These numbers are great, and it does not seem too unrealistic that in a few years Taser guns could become as prevalent as cell phones, even a fraction of usage would send TASR much higher.

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