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April 25, 2005 Stock Pick: Taser International, Inc. (TASR)

Stock Price: $8.81

Taser International, Inc. makes "less-than-lethal" weapons designed not to kill, but to stun people into submission with an electrical jolt measured in MDUs -- muscular disruption units.

Momentum stocks have been trending down much faster than the market since the beginning of the year. TASR alone has lost over 72% of its gains this year. The market is attempting to charge higher and we believe it will succeed in the near future. TASR, being a momentum stock will pay handsome gains to those willing to take a risk now and accumulate.

TASR closed up over 16% last Thursday on 17.8 million shares traded, three times normal daily volume. TASR dropped 7.5% on average volume Friday. We believe TASR has now corrected from its Thursday gain and will trend higher to fill the gap from $10.42 to $12.00.

The company announced Thursday a UK order totaling $619,000 for TASER X26 Devices. More sales overseas could cause the shorts to cover and buyers to rush in sending TASR much, much higher. Currently close to 35% of the 54 million float is being shorted.

Many lives would be saved if Taser guns were used more frequently by police than handguns. The future of law enforcement is the Taser as the public realizes the benefits.

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