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June 23, 2005 Stock Pick: 24/7 Real Media, Inc. (TFSM)

Stock Price: $4.00

24/7 Real Media, Inc. participates in interactive marketing and technology through targeting and delivering audiences for publishers and marketers.The company has one main platform for serving, targeting, tracking and analytics.

TFSM has been in a strong uptrend since the beginning of June moving up $1.00 and closing in on its resistance at $4.50, from there we believe it will go to $6.00.

For the first quarter, the company had revenue of $29.1 million with a small net loss of $0.4 million. TFSM continues to benefit from increased spending online and the rapid growth of paid search.

It looks like the company could report a profitable quarter in early August. Right now, just over 4% of the 37 million float is being shorted.

This could become the next CKCM, up 119% since our Stock Pick on March 16th.

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