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October 20, 2005 Stock Pick: Think Partnership, Inc. (THK)

Stock Price: $1.69

Think Partnership, Inc. provides technology solutions to businesses and individuals within the search engine and marketing space. The company has nine subsidiaries which hold several online entities.

THK is an undervalued and for the most part undiscovered online marketing play. As of June 30th, the company had $37.7 million in shareholders equity on the balance sheet with assets exceeding liabilities 3.8 to 1. THK book value is at $1.09 with 34.4 million shares outstanding and only 13.8 million shares in the float.

For the most recent quarter, Think Partnership reported revenue of $16.07 million and a profit of $689,000. THK has been steadily improving top line growth, $20 million in revenues is not out of question for the third quarter.

THK is now at a bottom and has little downside from this level with strong upside potential.

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