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December 5, 2006 Stock Pick: TII Network Technologies, Inc. (TIII)

Stock Price: $2.27

TII Network Technologies, Inc., designs, produces and markets network protection and management products, including lightning and surge protection products, network interface devices ("NIDs"), DSL, VoIP and other station electronics products and a multi-service residential gateway system.

TIII is rebounding from a depressed level after the stock was dropped due to third quarter results released on November 15th. Revenue came in at $10.5 million and net income at $399,000. An insider purchased a few shares on November 15th between $2.24 and $2.29.

TIII is trading slightly above its book value of $1.98. The balance sheet is clean with current assets outnumbering current liabilities by a margin of 4.35 to 1 and cash and cash equivalents of $5.73 million.

We expect TIII will return to their normal profit margin of $0.15 quarterly EPS compared to $0.03 EPS last quarter. TIII is now trading at a market cap of only $28.44 million with a 52-week high on the year of $4.10. TIII is a value play.

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