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September 21, 2004 Stock Pick: Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (TINY)

Stock Price: $10.05

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. is a venture capital company focused on making initial investments in tiny technology including nanotechnology. It could be said that TINY is in the nanomiscellaneous sector. This company gives an investor the opportunity to be involved in the equity ownership of 16 privately held companies.

One of their more well known investments is in a company known as Nanosys. Nanosys was in the news in early August when it withdrew from its IPO. TINY owns 1.58% of Nanosys. The Nanosys IPO will give TINY a nice jolt when it goes through after market conditions improve.

This company has a strong business plan that will allow them to become one of the major players in the Nanotech field. No one knows what companies will become the top in the Nanotech industry. However, TINY selectively diversifies its holdings in the industry. As their holdings go public one by one, there is no doubt TINY shareholders will be greatly rewarded.

TINY rose above $23 in early April during the most recent Nanotech run.

TINY has been running separate from the other Nanotech stocks as of late. We believe this is a sign of strength.

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