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May 17, 2004 Stock Pick: Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (TINY)

Stock Price: $11.72

Harris & Harris Group, Inc. is a publicly traded venture capital company that makes initial investments exclusively in tiny technology, including nanotechnology. The company currently has a stake in 22 different tiny-technology enabled companies.

TINY is a stock at the cutting edge of nanotechnology, diversified enough to get a piece of all the nano action. Risk is minimized by having stakes in several different up and coming nanotechnology companies. Net asset value is computed each quarter, similar to a mutual fund's NAV. TINY reacts to the change in NAV, but also flows with the general sentiment of the nanotech industry.

The company earns its best returns when a private company they have invested in decides to go public. Each IPO completed gives Harris & Harris Group a tremendous return. Motley Fool has identified TINY as a rule breaker and has turned out a lot of positive press for them as of late.

The last time we released TINY as a stock pick was on September 21st at $10.05. TINY hit $16.80 on January 3rd for a 67% gain.

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