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January 6, 2005 Stock Pick: TelePlus Enterprises, Inc. (TLPE)

Stock Price: $0.36

TelePlus Enterprises, Inc. through a subsidiary owns and operates 38 TelePlus branded stores in major shopping malls selling a variety of wireless and portable communication devices. TelePlus, through a U.S. wholly owned subsidiary, TelePlus Wireless Corp., operates a virtual wireless network selling its branded wireless products to distributors in select U.S. cities.

For the most recent quarter, the company generated sales of $3.3 million, up 81% from the same period last year. There was a minimal net loss of $222,986. Fourth quarter and full year results are due out by the end of March. In a recent press release the company stated that handset sales increased 35% for the fourth quarter. It looks like fourth quarter results will improve over the third quarter.

With the kind of growth TelePlus is achieving, it appears TLPE is very undervalued with a market cap of only $24 million.

TLPE is in a tight trading range with heavy support at current levels.

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