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August 3, 2006 Stock Pick: Tarpon Industries, Inc. (TPO)

Stock Price: $2.10

Tarpon Industries, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiaries within the United States and Canada, manufactures and sells structural and mechanical steel tubing and engineered steel storage rack systems. Through an aggressive acquisition-driven business model, the company's mission is to become a larger and more significant manufacturer and distributor of steel products.

TPO quickly jumped to a high of $2.71 on June 28th, a day after the company released a forecast for the second quarter. For the second quarter ended June 30, 2006, the company expects revenue to exceed $20 million. The previous projection was for revenue of $17 million. This is important considering TPO is trading at a market cap of only 10.44 million.

The company is not profitable, but expects to report significant progress towards operational profitability in the second quarter. The CEO has made it a point to work towards profitability. Each stride they make towards profitability will translate to an increasing stock price. TPO earnings will be out during the middle of this month.

Insiders have been purchasing shares of TPO with the latest purchase on July 19th and a major purchase by an insider on May 1st. There are only 4.33 million TPO shares in the float. It would not surprise us to see more insider purchases.

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