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December 13, 2005 Stock Pick: Terabeam, Inc. (TRBM)

Stock Price: $0.255

Terabeam, Inc. is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling equipment for use in transmission of data access on a wireless basis. The Company operates in two business areas: Equipment and Services.

This company is a major up and coming player in the WiFi and WiMax space. Terabeam acquired Proxim and is now rolling their technology out on a wide scale. The City of Burbank,California recently constructed a minicipal wireless network using Proxim equipment.

TRBM has a book value of $2.42, so right now it is trading slightly above its book value. Terabeam had a major loss last quarter, yet barely reacted and stayed within its range. TRBM has been in the $2.50 to $3.50 range since early February.

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