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October 5, 2006 Stock Pick: Trio-Tech International, Inc. (TRT)

Stock Price: $11.85

Trio-Tech International, Inc. provides third-party semiconductor testing and burn-in services primarily through its laboratories in Southeast Asia. The company also designs, manufactures and markets equipment and systems used in the testing and production of semiconductors, and distributes semiconductor processing and testing equipment manufactured by others.

TRT reported earnings on September 22nd with revenue increasing 61% to $9.5 million for the most recent quarter and net income of $705,000 or $0.22 per share versus $0.02 during the same period last year.

TRT is now at a new level with volume higher than ever before. An insider named Daniel Zeff has purchased $525,000 worth of TRT between $10.20 and $12.00.

There are only 2.26 million shares in the TRT float while the company is trading at a market cap of only $38.15 million.

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