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July 18, 2006 Stock Pick: Tata Motors Ltd. (TTM)

Stock Price: $14.88

Tata Motors Ltd. is an automotive manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of automobiles, including heavy, medium and light commercial vehicles, buses, utility vehicles and passenger cars in India.

TTM is well positioned in the India car market as more and more citizens there look to purchase their first car. The company is aiming at launching a car at a cost of only $2,200 to take advantage of this market. Tata Motors is positioned to become one of the next major foreign car manufacturers.

TTM is trading at a market cap of $5.70 billion with sales last year of $4.59 billion and net income of $304 million. The stock is trading at a forward PE of only 10.12.

TTM is at a double bottom right now and should move back up to $17.00 within the next 5 - 10 trading days.

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