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Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Stock Pick

Stock Price: $17.54

Twitter, Inc. is a global platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time. It provides a network that connects users to people, information, ideas, opinions, and news.

TWTR just recently announced a major shift in their platform with their new all-in big idea of live streaming. It looks like Twitter has been planning to move towards live streaming for a while because they already announced content deals with Bloomberg, MLB, Buzzfeed, Live Nation and other groups.

It looks like last year's test of NFL Thursday Night Football went very well for the company because now they are extremely ambitious about live streaming. They lost the rights to Thursday Night Football, but the new content should be plenty enough and it's a significant moment for the company to realize their true niche.

Wall Street loves the idea with TWTR gapping higher 2 of the past 4 trading sessions, nothing to sneeze at. Cord cutting, the movement of cable subscribers moving to other options, is a significant movement that Twitter can really play off of. This is a great new direction for Twitter and they should be rewarded handsomely while trading at a market cap of only $12.71 billion.

Speculative Score: 1

1 Being the Least Speculative and Most Confident

10 Being the Most Speculative and Possibly the Most Risky

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