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August 4, 2008 Stock Pick: Ur-Energy, Inc. (URG)

Stock Price: $1.81

Ur-Energy, Inc. is a junior mining company focused on development of uranium production from properties in the United States and exploration for uranium deposits in both the United States and Canada.

We believe Uranium mining stocks will continue to become discovered by investors. URG just moved to the AMEX and is starting to become discovered.

URG is currently trading at a market cap of $168.71 million. At the end of Q4 2007, URG had cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of $76.3 million. The company had total liabilities of only $2.78 million making for a very clean balance sheet.

Based on their Q4 2007 report, URG has a book value of $1.47, so URG is trading at only about a 23% premium to book value.

URG has promising properties and plenty of cash to exploit any major discoveries.

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