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May 27, 2008 Stock Pick: US Energy Corp. (USEG)

Stock Price: $2.62

U.S. Energy Corp. is a diversified natural resource company with interests in molybdenum, oil and gas, gold, and real estate.

USEG recently moved from the $2.40 level to $3.00 and has now corrected down to its current price level. We believe USEG is about to turn the corner and reach a new short-term high in its chart.

USEG is trading at a market cap of only $63.05 million. The company had $78.77 million in cash, cash equivalents and short term investments on their balance sheet as of their most recent quarter. USEG has very little long-term debt.

USEG has total cash per share of over $3.00 a share. Its chart looks great for short-term gains.

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