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December 14, 2004 Stock Pick: US Global Nanospace, Inc. (USGA)

Stock Price: $0.255

US Global Nanospace, Inc. is an applied nanotechnology company focused on utilizing nano and sub-micron sized materials to develop comprehensive commercial, security and defense solutions. The company is achieving significant increases in material strength and durability.

CNBC plans to showcase nanotech stocks all this week, NGEN, NANX, ALTI, JMAR, TGAL, TINY were all up huge today. We are happy that we have Stock Pickd all of these major nanotech players. USGA still has lots of room to run much higher, it hit $3.00 in January after being at the same level it is now.

USGA still has that spark that could take it to well over $1.00. Yesterday, USGA closed at its high of the day on heavy volume, a great sign of strength.

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