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March 22, 2005 Stock Pick: UTStarcom, Inc. (UTSI)

Stock Price: $13.11

UTStarcom is a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and international service and support. The company sells its wireline, wireless, optical and switching solutions to operators around the world.

This company sells everything from cell phones to switiching gear to VoIP equipment. In late 2004, they acquired wireless cell phone maker Audiovox as part of their aggressive growth plans. UTStarcom IP networks enable VoIP, optical, and interactive television, setting the stage for rapid future growth.

UTSI has been knocked down dramatically over the past year and a half, but now has begun to finally level at $13. Sales were up last year from $2.0 billion to $2.7 billion.

There is over $800 million in cash on the balance sheet.

UTSI currently has a P/E ratio of 10.

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