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October 29, 2007 Stock Pick: Universal Security Instruments, Inc. (UUU)

Stock Price: $20.77 (short-term)

Universal Security Instruments, Inc. engages in the design and marketing of various safety and security products. Its products include smoke alarms, such as battery, electrical, and electrical with battery backup alarms, as well as hearing impaired and heat alarms; carbon monoxide alarms; door chimes; and ground fault circuit interrupter units.

UUU has grown revenue the last three fiscal years from $23.46 million to $28.89 million to $35.82 million. Net income has increased from $3.41 million to $4.60 million to $5.53 million.

UUU is trading at a market cap of only around $51.53 million and a PE of less than 11. UUU was down after its first quarter report in mid-August, but has begun to recover heading into second quarter earnings due out in mid-November.

UUU is in the second leg of an uptrend, the first leg of the uptrend took UUU from $17.00 to over $24.00 before correcting.

UUU moves quickly with only 2.48 million shares outstanding.

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