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April 23, 2007 Stock Pick: Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. (UWN)

Stock Price: $2.38 (long-term)

Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. is a developer, owner and operator of gaming facilities and lodging entertainment facilities in Colorado, California, and New York. The company owns an interest in Isle of Capri-Black Hawk LLC and works with Native American tribes in a variety of capacities.

UWN has a 52-week high of $9.65 set back in April of last year. UWN has been in a downtrend most of the last year, but is now solidly turning the corner and starting a significant uptrend.

UWN is trading at a market cap of only $30.67 million. UWN just sold its stake in American Racing and Entertainment LLC and will receive $4.3 million cash.

The company has long-term investments of $63.83 million. UWN does have long-term debt of $55.02 million; however, this should be priced into UWN and the company is dedicated to cutting costs.

UWN named a new CEO last October, Robert Sturges, who spent more than 15 years with Carnival Resorts & Casinos and Carnival Corp. The new CEO is very committed to disposing non-core assets of Nevada Gold & Casinos and positioning the company for the future.

CEO Sturges invested $30,000 into UWN at $3.00 on January 4th of this year. Opinion: $7.00 within 6 - 12 months.

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