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May 14, 2004 Stock Pick: vFinance, Inc. (VFIN)

Stock Price: $0.28

vFinance, Inc. is a rapidly growing financial services company that provides research, investment banking, brokerage and trading services to more than 10,000 corporate, institutional and private clients worldwide. This company focuses on providing start-up capital. The Company has offices in New York, Houston, and 26 other cities nationwide. Their website acts as a middle man helping venture capitalists and entrepreneurs come together.

vFinance, Inc.'s balance, income, and cash flow sheet reveal significant improvement leading us to believe VFIN is a rewarding long term investment. In four quarterly earnings statements released in fiscal year 2003, they showed continual income growth. In the latest 10KSB annual report released on March 31, 2004, VFIN had a net income gain of $311,415 compared to year ago numbers of net income loss of over $2.2 million. 3.8 million cash was reported at year-end and debt reduced by over $2.1 million. These numbers have yet to overvalue the stock with still a relatively low PE Ratio of 28. Currently, 33 million shares are outstanding.

If you go to and search "raising capital", will show up as the #1 listing. It shows up as the #5 listing at Yahoo and #2 at Ask Jeeves. Over 1 million visitors go to each year.

VFIN can easily run over 50 cents in the short-term.

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