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November 10, 2005 Stock Pick: Food Technology Service, Inc. (VIFL)

Stock Price: $1.05

Food Technology Service, Inc. provides irradiation services for food items, medical products and consumer goods to enhance the safety of those products. The Company is certified to ISO standards for the provision of radiation sterilization services for medical devices.

The company recently reported revenue of $449,620 for the most recent quarter, up from $403,210 for the same period last year. Profit was reported at $52,245. Food Technology Service is growing slowly, but steadily. Their revenue stream is recurring, while some of their costs are not recurring, this may mean greater profits in the future and greater revenue from advances made now.

VIFL traded below $1.00 and received a warning letter from the Nasdaq. VIFL is now in an uptrend and is looking forward from here. There are only 7.8 million shares in the float. VIFL moves strong on high volume.

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