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October 7, 2005 Stock Pick: Viisage Technology, Inc. (VISG)

Stock Price: $4.70

Viisage Technology, Inc. builds identity solutions for governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses concerned with enhancing security, reducing identity theft, and protecting personal privacy. Viisage solutions include secure credentials, biometric technologies, smartchips, and face identification.

L-1 Investment partners has agreed to buy a $100 million stake in the company. The infusion of funds is expected to be approved by the board before the end of the year. The $100 million will be used for acquisitions.

The company can now move forward with its industry leading technology including their FaceEXPLORER, a large database identification solution for capturing, enrolling, storing, searching, managing, and retrieving digital images. The potential of this solution alone is huge for the company.

VISG has a short interest of 13.55% on 33.6 million shares in the float. Volume could really begin to stabilize at a higher level for the rest of the year.

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