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November 23, 2004 Stock Pick: Viragen, Inc. (VRA)

Stock Price: $0.97

Viragen, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the research, development and commercialization of drugs designed to treat a broad range of viral and malignant diseases. Viragen owns a majority stake in Viragen International, Inc.(VGNI).

VRA has been at the $1.00 level since late July. It appears that there is hardly any downside risk as VRA continues to bottom solidly at $1.00. VRA has a history of being extremely volatile and breaking strongly to the upside when good news comes along.

United Kingdom brokerage firm, Williams de Broe Plc - a subsidiary of ING gave VRA a "Speculative Buy" rating on September 13th. The brokerage firm believes VRA will be able to initiate their long awaited US hepatitis C strategy now that their capital structure has been improved. They also believe VRA will explore Multiple Sclerosis as well as the West Nile Virus.

News on any of these hot topics could send VRA much higher.

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