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April 13, 2006 Stock Pick: Veridium Corp. (VRDM)

Stock Price: $0.115

Veridium Corporation is an industrial waste recycling company and holds the rights to more than a dozen proprietary universal purification, emissions control and waste recycling technologies.

This company has begun focusing primarily on ethanol production. Two technologies that have been designed by the company include their Corn Oil Extraction System (TM) and BioStarch Recirculation System (TM). These systems can be installed in ethanol production facilities operating in America today.

This company has received four orders for its Corn Oil Extraction System (TM). This company should be considered risky with 225 million shares outstanding. They are also losing money quarter after quarter.

VRDM has really begun to trade major share volume over the last three days and is about to possibly break out much higher. Ethanol stocks are hot right now and VRDM is one of the stocks being talked about the most.

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