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May 26, 2004 Stock Pick: Vision Real Estate Management and Development, Inc. (VRMD)

Stock Price: $0.027

Vision Real Estate Management & Development, Inc. is primarily engaged in aggressively pursuing foreclosed property for resell. For cash infusion, the management team has formed Future Capital Investments LLC to further the management’s vision.

The management team has been working on two major acquisitions that could both close very soon. The first potential acquisition is MEM Financial Solutions, Inc, which has booked $42 million in 2003 revenue and expected to exceed $75 million this year. The second potential acquisition is a group of six corporations known as OM Companies. OM Companies revenue for 2003 was over $7.5 million.

In a press release on April 16, 2004, the management announced that 225 million of its outstanding shares have been cancelled. This event took the total issued and outstanding share count down drastically to approximately 82 million shares. On April 23, the company announced that they are going to buy back up to 50 million open market shares. If all works out perfectly the outstanding share count will be around 32 million.

The annual shareholder meeting is coming up on May 30th, and many seem to believe that big things are going to happen around that event.

VRMD has been walked down as of late and seems to be extremely undervalued at this level with all of the past actions and future acquisitions in the pipe.

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