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December 30, 2004 Stock Pick: VSE Corp (VSEC)

Stock Price: $24.67

VSE provides diversified services to the engineering, energy and environment, defense, and homeland security markets from more than 15 locations across the United States and around the world.

VSEC reported revenues of $62 million for the most recent quarter and earnings per share of $0.40. The company is continuing to win major defense contracts during the current quarter. Their current funded contract backlog is $161 million compared to $83 million at the end of last year. Business is certainly booming for VSE Corp.

Word is beginning to spread of the VSEC opportunity, its earnings are attractive, yet even more attractive is its extremely low float of only 1.2 million shares. VSEC jumped from $18.50 to over $33.00 in just three trading days back in September. This kind of fast paced move will very likely occur again in the near future.

Stocks like VSEC are the new fad with traders. VSEC is similar to TZOO, ANTP, and TASR, with its earnings and low float, and best of all it is still relatively undiscovered. The momentum players will move VSEC higher.

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