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August 21, 2007 Stock Pick: Versar, Inc. (VSR)

Stock Price: $9.24 (short-term)

Versar, Inc. is a publicly held infrastructure program management company for the Federal Government and the commercial market specializing in homeland defense, engineering and construction management, environmental health and safety and the management of toxic and hazardous materials.

VSR announced preliminary revenue results for fiscal 2007 of over $100 million in revenue. This is up from $60.9 million in fiscal 2006. The comany has a strong backlog of $57 million. VSR has a strong flow of lucrative rebuilding contracts in Iraq.

VSR appears undervalued with a market cap of only around $76 million and PE of less than 20.

VSR has been gaining strength the last four trading days after reaching a double bottom. We believe VSR is at the start of a possible new uptrend.

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