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June 1, 2004 Stock Pick: Vital Living, Inc. (VTLV)

Stock Price: $0.54

Vital Living, Inc. develops and licenses nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals for distribution through physicians, medical groups, chiropractic offices and retail outlets. Vital Living, Inc.’s initial thrust is into the cardiovascular health and weight loss arena.

The company has undergone a major restructuring by releasing its founders and replacing management with executives from Skye Pharmaceutical, a $600 million British pharma company.

Last quarter, Q1, VTLV reported a gross profit margin of 43.7%. Net loss was over $3 million dollars. Over half of the net loss was due to cost of acquisitions in late 2003 and severance pay to the former CEO. VTLV is starting to generate major revenue of over $1.5 million in Q1 - 2004 up from under 500k in Q1 - 2003.

The product that will send this company to new heights is called X-Fat. X-Fat is a diet product that blocks fat absorption and has worked for people in Europe for years. X-Fat is hitting the U.S. market at a perfect time.

There have been projections of $30 - $40 million in sales when X-Fat is introduced on QVC.

There are currently 62 million shares outstanding. VTLV has been basing around $0.55 for the last 6 trading days. We believe it will start trending up from this level.

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