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May 13, 2004 Stock Pick: Whistler Investments, Inc. (WHIS)

Stock Price: $5.10

Whistler Investments, Inc. currently holds subsidiaries, R-Electric Car Company, Global Electric Corporation, and Solium Power Corp all of which are emerging leaders in the development and marketing of lithium ion vehicles and lithium ion powered products worldwide. R-Electric Car Company has proven that lithium ion batteries can power a car in excess of 200 miles and allow for acceleration speeds exceeding 90 MPH without the use gas. Whistler as a whole has also applied lithium ion batteries to ATVs, motorcycles, motorbikes, and Powerski’s Jetboard.

Whistler works closely with Chaz Haba, CEO and founder of Lithium House. Whistler’s subsidiary, Solium Power Corp, will hold the rights for Lithium House's advanced lithium/solar power system technology. There has been a rumor that Chaz Haba was involved with both Intel and Apple Corporation during their infancy.

Though, Whistler has yet to show major revenue they have received a combined $13 million in financing from two different capital ventures. With this significant funding, they have been in a research and development phase and are about to break out with major contracts on the horizon. Possible contracts include unlimited practical applications for their Lithium Portable Power Paks, lithium-ion conversion project for the United States Navy, and developments in China through a partnership with Geely Corporation. We believe a joint venture between Geely Coproration and Whistler could create a spin-off scenario where WHIS shareholders receive shares in the newly formed Chinese corporation.

Whistler has attended several events executing their plan to aggressively expose the world to their newly developed lithium-ion vehicles. Some very exciting videos of their technology can be found at

With gas prices continuing to rise and better sources of power required for electronics such as cell phones and laptops there is no doubt that WHIS will continue to climb. There are currently only 20 million shares outstanding and 3.6 million in the public float. Most recently, Whistler has announced that they anticipate moving WHIS to the AMEX Exchange. WHIS moves rapidly and could hit $10 very soon.

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