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August 27, 2004 Stock Pick: Whistler Investments, Inc. (WHIS)

Stock Price: $2.20

Whistler Investments, Inc. currently holds subsidiaries, R-Electric Car Company, Global Electric Corporation, and Solium Power Corp all of which are emerging leaders in the development and marketing of lithium ion vehicles and lithium ion powered products worldwide. R-Electric Car Company has proven that lithium ion batteries can power a car in excess of 200 miles and allow for acceleration speeds exceeding 90 MPH without the use gas. Whistler as a whole has also applied lithium ion batteries to ATVs, motorcycles, motorbikes, and Powerski’s Jetboard.

We released WHIS as a stock pick twice in the past unsuccessfully; however, we believe it has finally hit bottom. WHIS went as low as $1.54 and has since posted two consecutive days of major gains.

The company is working with the Mexican and United State governments to sell their vehicles. We believe they will start generating major revenue in the long term. However, we strongly believe WHIS has momentum for the short-term.

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