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August 11, 2008 Stock Pick: Wizzard Software, Inc. (WZE)

Stock Price: $1.60

Wizzard Software, Inc. architects solutions to business problems using its expertise in consulting, speech development tools and building speech based applications for the Desktop and Internet. The company has achieved global recognition because of its expertise with voice communication whether it is via computer or telephone.

Over the last three years, WZE has grown revenue from $1.69 million to $2.94 million to $5.16 million.

WZE has a solid balance sheet with total assets of $26.7 million and total liabilities of only $3.21 million. Insiders purchased in April and June of this year.

WZE is dubbed as having the world's largest podcast hosting network. The company had one billion plus download requests in 2007. The company expects their advertising technologies to kick in over the next two quarters to capitalize on the network they've built.

WZE will also be launching its Wizzard Media Player. It's a flash player that delivers social networking integration and provides publisher with a tool to make their shows "go viral". WZE has also teamed up with Spike TV to support Spike's new series, "Factory".

WZE has a lot of expansion potential and a strong technology base and brand to move forward. WZE's chart is attractive as well.

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