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December 22, 2005 Stock Pick: Zareba Systems, Inc. (ZRBA)

Stock Price: $6.10

Zareba Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electronic perimeter fence systems for animal and access control. The company also provides security solutions designed to deter, detect, delay, assess and respond to intrusions or escapes in a wide range of applications.

ZRBA announced on Wednesday that they will be shipping in excess of $500,000 in perimeter security products for prison use. ZRBA is just entering into the prison perimeter space and hopes for additional sales in the corrections marketplace.

ZRBA is valued at a market cap of only $14.79 million with revenue increasing to $12.4 million in the most recent quarter with net income of $774,000 or $0.31 per share.

There are only 1.94 million shares in the ZRBA float with momentum gaining daily. ZRBA has a book value of $5.50 with other metrics significantly undervalued compared to their peers.

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