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Symbol Company Name Price
O Realty Income Corporation $51.66
OA Orbital ATK, Inc. $133.52
OABC Omniamerican Bancorp, Inc. $
OACQR Origo Acquisition Corp. Rt $0.5799
OAK Oaktree Capital Group, LLC $40.05
OAKR Oakridge Energy Inc. $0.031
OAKS Five Oaks Investment Corp. $3.08
OAOFY OAO Tatneft $63.79
OART The Ohio Art Company, Inc. $10.05
OAS Oasis Petroleum Inc. $11.65
OASM Oasmia Pharmaceutical AB $1.47
OB OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. $
OBAF OBA Financial Services, Inc. $
OBAS Optibase Ltd. $8.60
OBCI Ocean Bio-Chem Inc. $3.33
OBE Obsidian Energy Ltd. $1.14
OBGRF Orbit Garant Drilling, Inc. $1.8252
OBIIF Obic Co Ltd $81.25
OBJE OBJ Enterprises, Inc. $
OBMP $0.0315
OBNNF Oban Mining Corporation $2.15
OBQI Oilsands Quest Inc. $
OBSV ObsEva S.A. $12.92
OBTLY Orbital Corporation Limited $
OBZIY Oberoi Realty $0.00
OC Owens Corning $66.92
OCANF OceanaGold Corporation $2.6702
OCAP Oro Capital Corporation, Inc. $
OCAT Ocata Therapeutics, Inc. $
OCBB Orange County Business Bank, NA $
OCBI Orange County Bancorp, Inc. $28.50
OCC Optical Cable Corp. $3.00
OCDDY Ocado Group plc $6.2498
OCDGF Ocado Group PLC $10.625
OCEE Nevis Capital Corp $
OCEL Ocean Electric Inc $0.065
OCEX Oceanic Exploration Co. $0.0045
OCFC OceanFirst Financial Corp. $27.39
OCFN Omega Commercial Finance Corp. $0.0001
OCINY OCI N.V. $23.75
OCIP OCI Partners LP $10.2304
OCIR OCI Resources LP $
OCLDF Orica Limited $14.6029
OCLDY Orica Limited $14.41
OCLG Oncologix Tech, Inc. $0.0002
OCLL Oculus Inc. $
OCLN OriginClear, Inc. $0.0357
OCLR Oclaro, Inc. $9.05
OCLS Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. $
OCN Ocwen Financial Corp. $4.50
OCPNY Olympus Corporation $37.57
OCR Omnicare Inc. $
OCRX Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. $
OCSL Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp. $4.31
OCSM Ocean Smart, Inc. $0.02
OCSY Optium Cyber Systems Inc. $0.0002
OCTI Octus, Inc. $
OCTX Octagon 88 Resources, Inc. $0.0212
OCUL Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. $6.84
OCWSF Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd. $14.50
OCX OncoCyte Corporation $2.25
OCZ OCZ Technology Group, Inc. $
OCZTQ ZCO Liquidating Corporation $
OD Quanex Building Products Corporation $
ODC Oil-Dri Corp. of America $37.74
ODDJ Amazing Savings, Inc. $
ODFL Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. $146.36
ODMO Odimo Inc. $0.03
ODMTY Old Mutual plc $26.90
ODMUF Old Mutual plc $3.33
ODP Office Depot, Inc. $2.465
ODT Odonate Therapeutics Inc. $22.00
ODYC Odyne Corporation $0.0022
OEC Orion Engineered Carbons SA $27.55
OECPF Oracle Energy Corp. $
OEDV Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. $
OEF iShares S&P 100 $115.98
OEH Orient-Express Hotels Ltd. $
OERLF OC Oerlikon Corporation AG $16.25
OESX Orion Energy Systems, Inc $0.75
OEXFF RMP Energy Inc. $0.365
OFC Corporate Office Properties Trust $26.86
OFED Oconee Federal Financial Corp. $29.62
OFF UBS E-TRACS Fisher-Gartman Risk Off ETN $
OFG OFG Bancorp $13.075
OFI Overhill Farms, Inc. $
OFIX Orthofix International N.V. $59.70
OFLMF Oriflame Cosmetics SA $25.9000
OFLX OmegaFlex, Inc. $66.97
OFS OFS Capital Corporation $10.75
OFSI Omni Financial Services, Inc. $0.003
OGCP Empire State Realty OP, L.P. $16.93
OGE OGE Energy Corp. $33.35
OGEN Oragenics Inc. $1.22
OGFGF Origin Energy Limited $6.88
OGFGY Origin Energy Limited $7.11
OGLDF Otis Gold Corp. $0.2336
OGNG Bravo Enterprises Ltd. $0.00
OGS ONE Gas, Inc. Common Stock $74.33
OGXI OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $
OGXPY Oleo e Gas Participacoes SA $0.95
OGZPY Open Joint Stock Company Gazprom $4.71
OHAI OHA Investment Corp. $1.5501
OHBK Old Harbor Bank $0.0035
OHGI One Horizon Group, Inc. $0.84
OHHB Ohio Heritage Bancorp, Inc. $106.00
OHI Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. $28.60
OHR Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. $0.32
OHRP Ohr Pharmaceutical, Inc. $0.2019
OI Owens-Illinois, Inc. $19.06
OIA Invesco Municipal Income Opport $7.45
OIBRC Oi S.A. ADR $5.5133
OICT Oicintra, Inc. $0.51
OIDN Oidon Co., Ltd. $0.0051
OIGLF Chariot Oil & Gas Limited $0.16
OIH Market Vectors Oil Services ETF $27.20
OII Oceaneering International, Inc. $23.40
OIIM O2Micro International Ltd. $1.48
OIL iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR Index ETN $7.31
OILD ProShares UltraPro 3x Short Crude Oil ETF $32.56
OILL Cala Energy Corp. $
OILT Oiltanking Partners, L.P. $
OINK Tianli Agritech, Inc. $
OIS Oil States International Inc. $32.65
OISHF Oil Search Limited $5.81
OISHY Oil Search Limited $59.975
OJCB OCB Bancorp $6.15
OJIPY Oji Holdings Corporation $69.52
OJSCY Open Joint Stock Company Rosneft Oil Company $6.1033
OKASF Onward Holdings Co., Ltd $
OKE ONEOK Inc. $66.52
OKME Oak Ridge Energy Technologies, Inc. $
OKRG Oakridge Holdings Inc. $
OKS ONEOK Partners, L.P. $
OKSB Southwest Bancorp Inc. $
OKSWF $1.09
OKTA Okta Inc. $48.15
OLBG The OLB Group, Inc. $0.40
OLBK Old Line Bancshares Inc. $34.49
OLCB Ohio Legacy Corp. $21.00
OLCLY Oriental Land Co., Ltd. $19.44
OLDW Oldwebsites.Com, Inc. $
OLED Universal Display Corp. $98.30
OLEM iPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN $19.06
OLFC Olfactory Biosciences Corp. $0.11
OLIE Olie Inc. $
OLLI Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings $62.90
OLMIF Olam International Limited $1.83
OLMIY Olam International Limited $35.93
OLN Olin Corp. $32.95
OLO PowerShares DB Crude Oil Long ETN $5.97
OLP One Liberty Properties Inc. $23.11
OLVRF Olivut Resources Ltd. $0.0801
OMAB Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte, S.A.B. $40.22
OMAD One Madison Corp. Cl A $9.60
OMAG Omagine, Inc. $0.016
OMAM OM Asset Management Limited $15.92
OMBP Omni Bio Pharmaceutical, Inc. $0.01
OMC Omnicom Group Inc. $74.30
OMCCF Oracle Mining Corp $
OMCL Omnicell, Inc. $47.90
OMCM OmniComm Systems Inc. $0.30
OMCY Broadband Networks Wireless Internet $
OMDHF One Media Holdings PLC $
OME Omega Protein Corporation $21.90
OMED OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $2.79
OMER Omeros Corporation $20.12
OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc. $7.60
OMF OneMain Holdings, Inc. $30.84
OMG OM Group Inc. $
OMI Owens & Minor Inc. $15.65
OMIMY Osim International Ltd. $
OMMH Omnimmune Holdings, Inc. $0.004
OMN OMNOVA Solutions Inc. $10.25
OMNT Ominto, Inc. $1.18
OMP Oasis Midstream Partners LP $17.79
OMRNF OMRON Corporation $58.75
OMRNY OMRON Corporation $56.35
OMRX Orthometrix Inc. $0.003
OMTK Omnitek Engineering Corp. $0.0601
OMTL Omtool Ltd. $
OMVE Omni Ventures, Inc. $0.0003
OMVJF OMV Aktiengesellschaft $57.90
OMVKY OMV Aktiengesellschaft $61.64
OMVS On The Move Systems Corp. $0.0236
ON ON Semiconductor Corp. $23.605
ONB Old National Bancorp. $17.40
ONBI ONE Bio Corp. $0.10
ONCDF Oncodesign S.A. $11.91
ONCGF Oncology Venture Sweden AB $1.97
ONCI On4 Communications, Inc. $0.003
ONCO Oncology Med, Inc. $45.50
ONCP 141 Capital, Inc. $0.0001
ONCS OncoSec Medical Incorporated $1.78
ONCY Oncolytics Biotech Inc. $
ONCYF $0.76
OND Eclipse Resources Corporation $
ONDOF Oando Energy Resources Inc. $
ONE Higher One Holdings, Inc. $10.63
ONEF Russell Equity ETF $
ONEK SPDR Russell 1000 ETF $88.16
ONEQ Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tr Stk $272.32
ONEXF Onex Corporation $71.9553
ONFC Oneida Financial Corp. $
ONG iPath Pure Beta Energy ETN $20.98
ONMDQ Vertical Health Solutions Inc. $
ONN UBS E-TRACS Fisher-Gartman Risk On ETN $30.36
ONNN ON Semiconductor Corp. $
ONOV BioNovelus Inc. $0.0375
ONP Orient Paper, Inc. $1.17
ONS Oncobiologics, Inc. $0.934
ONSE Onsite Energy Corporation $0.04
ONSIU Oncobiologics $
ONSIZ Oncobiologics, Inc. $0.05
ONSM Onstream Media Corp. $0.1803
ONTX Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. $0.37
ONTY Oncothyreon Inc $
ONVC Online Vacation Center Holdings Corp. $1.30
ONVI Onvia Inc. $8.975
ONVO Organovo Holdings, Inc. $1.255
ONXAW $0.23
ONXX Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $
ONYX Onyx Service & Solutions, Inc. $
ONZBF Organizacion Soriana SAB de CV $1.96
OOAG OMDA Oil & Gas, Inc. $0.0039
OODH Orion Diversified Holding Co. Inc. $0.0028
OOGI C2E Energy, Inc. $0.003
OOIL OriginOil, Inc. $0.75
OOMA Ooma Inc. $10.80
OPAFF Opal Energy Corp. $
OPB Opus Bank $28.20
OPBK Open Bank $13.00
OPBL Optionable Inc. $0.0001
OPBXF $0.925
OPCO OurPet's Company $0.79
OPEI Orient Petroleum and Energy, Inc. $
OPEN OpenTable, Inc. $
OPESF Opera Software ASA $2.41
OPESU Opes Acquisition Corp. Un $10.03
OPESY Opera Software ASA $5.00
OPGN OpGen, Inc. $1.86
OPGX Optigenex Inc. $0.20
OPGYF Ophir Energy Plc $0.7366
OPHC OptimumBank Holdings Inc. $6.25
OPHI Organic Plant Health, Inc. $0.0394
OPHLY Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. $7.90
OPHT Ophthotech Corporation $2.75
OPIX Odyssey Pictures Corp. $
OPK Opko Health, Inc. $3.985
OPLI OphthaliX Inc. $0.17
OPLK Oplink Communications, Inc. $
OPMC Optimum Care Corporation $0.0008
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. $0.0001
OPMMF Opta Minerals Inc. $
OPMZ 1pm Industries, Inc. $0.0001
OPNT Opiant Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $19.99
OPOF Old Point Financial Corporation $26.76
OPOSF Optos plc $
OPRGF Oriental Press Group Limited $
OPRX OptimizeRx Corporation $2.2799
OPSGF $0.00
OPSSF Opsens Inc. $0.717
OPST Opt Sciences Corp. $24.00
OPTBF Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. $0.0001
OPTI Opti Inc. $6.20
OPTL Optimum Interactive USA Ltd. $0.0002
OPTN OptiNose Inc. $25.00
OPTR Optimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $
OPTT Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. $1.12
OPTY Opportunity Management Co Inc $0.2101
OPWEF Opawica Explorations Inc. $
OPWR OPOWER, Inc. $0.00
OPXA Opexa Therapeutics, Inc. $
OPXS Optex Systems Holdings, Inc $1.00
OPY Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. $27.00
OPYGY Polyus Gold International Limited $44.84
OR Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. $9.76
ORA Ormat Technologies Inc. $52.77
ORAC Oraco Resources, Inc. $
ORAGF Oremex Silver Inc. $0.0409
ORAN Orange $17.96
ORB Orbital Sciences Corp. $
ORBC ORBCOMM, Inc. $9.435
ORBK Orbotech Ltd. $60.29
ORBN Oregon Bancorp, Inc. $32.00
ORBT Orbit International Corp. $6.35
ORC Orchid Island Capital, Inc. $7.41
ORCL Oracle Corporation $46.73
ORCT Orckit Communications Ltd. $
OREO American Liberty Petroleum Corp. $
OREX Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. $0.3399
ORFG Orofino Gold Corp. $
ORFLY Oriflame Cosmetics SA $22.50
ORFR ORBIT/FR Inc. $3.93
ORGAF $0.00
ORGC Organic Alliance, Inc. $0.0002
ORGN Origen Financial Inc. $0.08
ORGS Orgenesis Inc. $8.70
ORI Old Republic International Corporation $20.83
ORIG Ocean Rig UDW Inc. $26.78
ORIT Oritani Financial Corp. $15.45
ORKLF Orkla ASA $10.35
ORKLY Orkla ASA $10.38
ORLY O'Reilly Automotive Inc. $272.45
ORM Owens Realty Mortgage, Inc. $15.61
ORMP Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. $7.39
ORMTQ Ormet Corporation $0.0007
ORN Orion Marine Group, Inc $6.24
ORNH Orion HealthCorp Inc. $
OROCF Orocobre Limited $4.30
OROE Oro East Mining, Inc. $0.005
OROVF Orient Overseas International Ltd. $8.65
OROVY Orient Overseas International Ltd. $47.84
OROXF Orosur Mining Inc. $0.057
ORPB Oregon Pacific Bancorp $5.40
ORPEF ORPEA Soci $127.5708
ORPGF Orco Property Group SA $
ORPN Bio Blast Pharma Ltd. $2.2518
ORRCF Oroco Resource Corp. $0.14
ORRF Orrstown Financial Services Inc. $26.25
ORRP Oroplata Resources, Inc. $0.32
ORSCY Orascom Construction Industries Company $
ORSUF Orsu Metals Corporation $0.1438
ORSX Orsus Xelent Technologies Inc. $0.068
ORVMF Orvana Minerals Corp. $0.19
ORXCF ORIX Corporation $17.45
ORXE Ore Holdings, Inc $0.13
ORXGF Orca Exploration Group Inc. $4.3051
ORXIF Orex Minerals Inc. $
ORXOF Orexo AB $
ORXOY Orexo AB $4.32
ORXPF Oryx Petroleum Corporation Limited $0.1523
ORYN Oryon Technologies, Inc. $0.00
ORYX Oryx Technology Corp. $0.06
ORZCF Orezone Gold Corporation $0.7379
OS Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. $
OSAGF OSRAM Licht AG $61.13
OSB Norbord Inc. $40.71
OSBC Old Second Bancorp Inc. $14.55
OSBCP Old Second Bancorp, Inc. $10.4501
OSBI Ohio State Bancshares Inc. $
OSCN OneScreen Inc. $0.0131
OSCUF Japan Exchange Group, Inc. $18.68
OSG Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. $3.55
OSGB Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. $3.72
OSGFF OpSec Security Group plc $
OSGIQ Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. $
OSGSF Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. $4.00
OSHC Ocean Shore Holding Co. $
OSIN Optimum Source International Ltd. $0.05
OSIR Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. $7.64
OSIS OSI Systems, Inc. $69.13
OSK Oshkosh Corporation $76.78
OSKA Osyka Corporation $0.0022
OSKFF Osisko Mining Corporation $
OSKIF Ocean Sky International Limited $0.06
OSLE America Greener Technologies, Inc. $24.9991
OSLH OSL Holdings Inc. $
OSM SLM Corporation $
OSN Ossen Innovation Co., Ltd. $2.49
OSPQF OUE Hospitality Trust $0.62
OSPRU Osprey Energy Acquisition Corp. $9.92
OSPRW Osprey Energy Acquisition Corp. Wt $1.03
OSTK Inc. $39.80
OSTLY Arrium Limited $0.3006
OSTO Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. $0.15
OSUR OraSure Technologies, Inc. $15.61
OTCM OTC Markets Group Inc $28.79
OTEL Otelco Inc. $13.30
OTEX Open Text Corporation $34.00
OTHM Oriens Travel and Hotel Management Corp. $
OTIC Otonomy, Inc. $4.05
OTIV On Track Innovations Ltd. $1.19
OTMN OT Mining Corp. $0.06
OTOW O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. $0.002
OTSCF Oncotherapy Science Inc Tokyo O $
OTSHD Arrowhead Gold Corp. $
OTSKF Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. $52.49
OTSKY Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. $24.32
OTTR Otter Tail Corporation $44.25
OTTV Viva Entertainment Group Inc. $0.0006
OTTW Ottawa Savings Bancorp, Inc. $13.77
OTVLQ OneTravel Holdings Inc. $
OUKPF Outotec Oyj $8.80
OUNLF Opus International Consultants Ltd. $0.66
OUNZ Merk Gold ETF $13.03
OUT Outfront Media Inc. $18.15
OUTB Outback Oil & Mineral Exploration Corp. $0.04
OUTKF Outokumpu Oyj $
OUTKY Outokumpu Oyj $4.35
OUTR Outerwall Inc. $
OUTT Out-Takes Inc. $
OVAS OvaScience, Inc. $0.94
OVBC Ohio Valley Banc Corp. $43.50
OVCHF Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited $9.66
OVCHY Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited $20.00
OVID Olvi Oyj Series A $8.73
OVIT OncoVista Innovative Therapies, Inc. $0.019
OVLY Oak Valley Bancorp $20.44
OVMS Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. $
OVRL Overland Storage Inc. $
OVSPA Overseas Shipholding Group Inc. $0.00
OVSPW Overseas Shipholding Group Inc $0.00
OVTI OmniVision Technologies, Inc. $
OVTZ Oculus VisionTech Inc. $0.087
OVZM $0.0001
OWCP OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. $0.257
OWOO One World Holdings, Inc. $
OWVI One World Ventures, Inc. $0.0007
OWW Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. $0.00
OXBC Oxford Bank Corporation $16.80
OXBDF Oxford BioMedica PLC $0.174
OXBR Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited $2.0897
OXBRU Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited $
OXBRW Oxbridge Re Holdings Limited $0.07
OXBT Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. $
OXDG Occidental Development Group Inc. $0.11
OXF Oxford Resource Partners, L.P. $
OXFC Oxford City Football Club, Inc. $
OXFCF Velocys plc $0.16
OXFD Oxford Immunotec Global PLC $13.13
OXFSF Oxford Pharmascience Group Plc $0.21
OXIHF Oxford Investments Holdings Inc. $0.018
OXINF Oxford Instruments plc $12.60
OXIS OXIS International Inc. $
OXLC Oxford Lane Capital Corp. $10.91
OXLCO Oxford Lane Capital Corp. $25.47
OXLCP Oxford Lane Capital Corp. $
OXM Oxford Industries Inc. $78.71
OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation $85.39
OXYS OxySure Systems, Inc. $0.069
OZM Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC $1.95
OZMLF OZ Minerals Limited $7.1299
OZON Cyclo3pss Corporation $0.0012