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Symbol Company Name Price
P Pandora Media, Inc. $7.32
PAA Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. $23.68
PAAC $10.40
PAACU Pacific Special Acquisition Corp. $
PAAS Pan American Silver Corp. $16.65
PABK PAB Bankshares Inc. $
PABL Parabel Inc $0.40
PABN PanAmerican BanCorp. $0.0001
PAC Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico S.A.B. de CV $105.27
PACB Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. $2.69
PACC Pacific CMA, Incorporated $0.15
PACD Pacific Drilling S.A. $
PACEU Pace Holdings Corp. $
PACI Precision Auto Care Inc. $
PACM Pacific Metals Corp. $
PACQF Prime Acquisition Corp. $1.41
PACR Pacer International, Inc. $
PACT Pactera Technology International Ltd. $205.00
PACV Pacific Ventures Group, Inc. $0.017
PACW PacWest Bancorp $53.38
PACXF Pacton Gold Inc. $0.2701
PAEGF Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. $0.0003
PAEKY Perusahaan Perseroan $5.22
PAF PowerShares FTSE RAFI Asia Pacific ex-Jp $59.31
PAG Penske Automotive Group, Inc. $47.58
PAGG PowerShares Global Agriculture $27.75
PAGP Plains GP Holdings, L.P. $24.84
PAGS PagSeguro Digital Ltd. Cl A $36.74
PAH Platform Specialty Products Corporation $11.02
PAHC Phibro Animal Health Corporation $43.10
PAI Western Asset Income Fund $13.88
PAIOF Paion AG $2.55
PAK Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF $12.59
PAL North American Palladium Ltd. $0.11
PALAF Paladin Energy Ltd $0.0177
PALAY Paladin Energy Ltd $0.0001
PALDF $9.0182
PALL ETFS Physical Palladium Shares $94.34
PAM Pampa Energia SA $59.60
PAMB Pan American Bank $
PAMT Parametric Sound Corporation $
PANC Panacos Pharmaceuticals Inc. $0.0002
PANG Panacea Global, Inc. $0.0001
PANL Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. $3.25
PANRF Panoramic Resources Limited $0.3442
PANW Palo Alto Networks, Inc. $202.31
PAOC Pan Ocean Container Supplies Ltd. $0.453
PAOS Precision Aerospace Components, Inc. $50.00
PAOTF Parrot S.A. $6.94
PAPA Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. $0.0023
PAPQF Papillon Resources Limited $
PAR PAR Technology Corporation $13.54
PARA Premara Financial, Inc. $12.65
PARD Poniard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $0.0451
PARF Paradise Inc. $35.06
PARN Parnell Pharmaceuticals Holdings Ltd. $0.00
PARR Par Petroleum Corporation $17.53
PARS Pharmos Corp. $0.008
PARXF Parex Resources Inc. $18.3792
PASO Patient Access Solutions, Inc. $0.0697
PAT Micron Technology, Inc. $
PATAF Patagonia Gold plc $0.032
PATCA Patriot Coal Corporation $
PATD Patapsco Bancorp Inc. $
PATH NuPathe, Inc. $
PATI Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc. $18.4951
PATK Patrick Industries Inc. $62.7295
PATR Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc. $
PATZF Patrys Limited $0.036
PAUFF Papuan Precious Metals Corp. $0.098
PAVM PAVmed Inc. $1.65
PAVMU PAVmed Inc. $
PAVMW PAVmed Inc. $
PAVMZ PAVmed Inc. Wt Z $1.30
PAWEF Pacific North West Capital Corp. $0.09
PAWP Paw4mance Pet Products International, Inc $
PAWS The PAWS Pet Company, Inc $
PAY VeriFone Systems, Inc. $22.89
PAYC Paycom Software, Inc. $108.97
PAYD Paid Inc. $3.60
PAYM PayMeOn, Inc. $0.328
PAYX Paychex, Inc. $61.03
PB Prosperity Bancshares Inc. $71.77
PBA Pembina Pipeline Corporation $33.94
PBAM Private Bancorp of America, Inc. $25.75
PBCO Peoples Bank of Commerce $13.99
PBCP Polonia Bancorp, Inc. $
PBCRY PT Bank Central Asia Tbk $42.73
PBCT People's United Financial Inc. $18.605
PBCTP People's United Financial Inc. $25.62
PBD PowerShares Global Clean Energy $12.8936
PBE PowerShares Dynamic Biotech & Genome $48.33
PBEC Pacific Blue Energy Corp. $0.0095
PBEGF Petrobank Energy and Resources, Ltd. $0.225
PBF PBF Energy Inc. $41.30
PBFI Patriot Berry Farms, Inc. $0.15
PBFX PBF Logistics LP $20.15
PBH Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. $34.59
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc. $15.70
PBHG PBS Holding, Inc. $0.0001
PBI Pitney Bowes Inc. $8.94
PBIB Porter Bancorp Inc. $13.63
PBIO Pressure BioSciences, Inc. $3.40
PBIP Prudential Bancorp, Inc. $17.69
PBJ PowerShares Dynamic Food & Beverage $32.29
PBKOF Pollard Banknote Limited $16.9969
PBKX Partners Bank of California $8.90
PBLSQ Phoenix Associates Land Syndicate, Inc. $0.00
PBM Pacific Booker Minerals Inc. $
PBMD Prima Biomed Ltd. $
PBMFF Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd. $0.024
PBMRF PT Bumi Resources Tbk $0.0175
PBMRY PT Bumi Resources Tbk $4.60
PBNC Paragon Commercial Corporation $
PBNI Peoples Bancorp $
PBNK Pinnacle Bank $12.50
PBP PowerShares S&P 500 BuyWrite $20.8653
PBPB Potbelly Corporation $13.10
PBR Petr $16.85
PBRA Petroleo Brasileiro S/A ADR A $13.14
PBS PowerShares Dynamic Media $30.157
PBSFF ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG $35.90
PBSFY ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG $7.96
PBSK Poage Bankshares, Inc. $19.055
PBSOQ Point Blank Solutions, Inc $
PBSTP Public Storage $
PBSV Pharma-Bio Serv, Inc. $0.50
PBT Permian Basin Royalty Trust $9.93
PBTSF PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasi $
PBW PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy $25.90
PBY Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack $
PBYI Puma Biotechnology, Inc. $64.05
PC The Chemours Company $
PCAOB MyECheck, Inc. $
PCAR PACCAR Inc. $69.64
PCB Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc. $
PCBC Pacific Commerce Bancorp $12.06
PCBK Pacific Continental Corp. $27.15
PCBN Piedmont Community Bank Group, Inc. $0.0011
PCBS Provident Community Bancshares, Inc. $
PCCC PC Connection, Inc. $
PCCLF Phoscan Chemical Corp. $
PCCRF Curis Resources Ltd. $
PCCWY PCCW Limited $5.80
PCCYF PetroChina Co. Ltd. $0.73
PCEF PowerShares CEF Income Composite $23.02
PCF Putnam High Income Securities Fund $9.22
PCFBF Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd. $0.25
PCFBY Pacific Basin Shipping Ltd. $5.239
PCFG Pacific Gold Corp. $
PCFO Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc. $0.17
PCG PG&E Corporation $42.78
PCGLF PC Gold Inc. $
PCGO Prince George's Federal Savings Bank $
PCGR PC Group, Inc. $0.005
PCH Potlatch Corporation $47.20
PCHM PharmChem, Inc. $0.77
PCHUY PTT Public Company Limited $15.20
PCI PIMCO Dynamic Credit Income Fun $22.86
PCK Pimco California Municipal Inco $8.12
PCL Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc. $
PCLB Pinnacle Bancshares Inc. $23.50
PCLI Protocall Technologies Inc. $0.0001
PCLN Incorporated $
PCM PCM Fund, Inc. Common Stock $11.3701
PCMC Public Company Management Corp. $0.0041
PCMI PCM, Inc. $11.80
PCMXF Pace plc $
PCN Pimco Corporate & Income Strate $17.34
PCO Pendrell Corporation $659.17
PCOGF Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL $0.001
PCOLF Pacific Online Ltd. $0.145
PCOM Points International Ltd. $12.26
PCP Precision Castparts Corp. $
PCPJ Paperclip, Inc. $0.53
PCPZ Leeward Group Holdings Inc. $0.001
PCQ PIMCO California Municipal Inco $16.08
PCQRF Petrolympic Ltd. $0.127
PCRBF Pricer AB $1.04
PCRFF Panasonic Corporation $14.55
PCRFY Panasonic Corporation $14.50
PCRTF PureCircle Limited $5.39
PCRX Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $33.60
PCSO Protective Capital Structures Corp. $0.0021
PCSV PCS Edventures!.com, Inc. $0.02
PCTI PCTEL, Inc. $7.29
PCTY Paylocity Holding Corporation $58.63
PCWLF PCCW Limited $0.57
PCWT Pacific Clean Water Technologies, Inc. $
PCY PowerShares Emerging Mkts Sovereign Debt $26.93
PCYC Pharmacyclics Inc. $
PCYG Park City Group Inc. $8.15
PCYN Procyon Corporation $0.15
PCYO Pure Cycle Corporation $9.80
PCYS PrimeCare Systems Inc. $0.0001
PDBC PowerShares DB Optm Yd Dvrs Cdty Srt ETF $18.98
PDCE PDC Energy, Inc. $63.68
PDCO Patterson Companies, Inc. $22.49
PDEP PureDepth, Inc. $
PDER Pardee Resources Company, Inc. $187.00
PDEX Pro-Dex Inc. $6.65
PDFS PDF Solutions Inc. $11.76
PDGE PDG Environmental Inc. $
PDGO Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. $0.0003
PDGRY PDG Realty S.A. Empreendimentos e Participaco $1.08
PDH PetroLogistics LP $
PDI PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund Commo $30.88
PDII PDI, Inc. $
PDLB PDL Community Bancorp $15.20
PDLI PDL BioPharma, Inc. $3.10
PDM Piedmont Office Realty Trust Inc. $18.69
PDMDF Petra Diamonds Ltd. $
PDMI Paradigm Medical Industries Inc. $0.0001
PDN PowerShares FTSE RAFI Dev Mkts ex-US S/M $34.71
PDNLB Presidential Realty Corp. $0.04
PDO Pyramid Oil Company $
PDOB Presidio Bank $26.55
PDOS Platinum Studios, Inc $0.0003
PDP PowerShares DWA Mom Port $55.32
PDPR Marathon Group Corp. $0.0039
PDPYF Painted Pony Petroleum Ltd. $2.17
PDRB Pandora Bancshares Inc. $93.70
PDRDF Pernod-Ricard SA $165.70
PDRDY Pernod-Ricard SA $32.875
PDRX PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $6.75
PDS Precision Drilling Corporation $4.059
PDSSF Paradise Entertainment Limited $0.13
PDT John Hancock Premium Dividend F $15.15
PDTRF Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust $6.24
PDVW $27.00
PDXP PDX Partners Inc. $0.0002
PE Parsley Energy, Inc. $32.15
PEB Pebblebrook Hotel Trust $39.01
PEBK Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina, Inc. $31.91
PEBO Peoples Bancorp Inc. $35.98
PECD Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. $0.00
PED PEDEVCO Corp. $0.31
PEDH Peoples Educational Holdings, Inc. $0.06
PEFDF Petra Foods Limited $1.06
PEFF Power Efficiency Corp. $0.12
PEG Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. $50.89
PEGA Pegasystems Inc. $63.20
PEGFF Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. $0.20
PEGI Pattern Energy Group Inc. $18.17
PEGRF Pennon Group Plc $8.77
PEI Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust $10.23
PEII Petron Energy II Inc. $0.0001
PEIMF Pepinnini Minerals Limited $0.021
PEIW PEI Worldwide Holdings, Inc. $0.0087
PEIX Pacific Ethanol, Inc. $3.25
PEJ PowerShares Dynamic Leisure & Entertain $45.639
PEK Market Vectors ChinaAMC A-Share ETF $47.87
PEMC Pacific Energy & Mining Company $0.025
PEMIF Pure Energy Minerals Ltd. $0.209
PEN Penumbra, Inc. $149.85
PENC PEN Inc $1.20
PENFF Pennant Energy Inc. $
PENGF Primary Energy Recycling Corp. $
PENMF Peninsula Energy Limited $0.18
PENN Penn National Gaming Inc. $31.67
PENX Penford Corporation $
PENYF Petromanas Energy Inc. $0.071
PEO Petroleum & Resources Corporation $19.71
PEOP Peoples Federal Bancshares, Inc. $
PEP Pepsico, Inc. $97.92
PEPFF Petroplus Holdings AG $0.0001
PEPR Pepper Rock Resources Corp. $
PER SandRidge Permian Trust $2.50
PERF Perfumania Holdings, Inc. $
PERI Perion Network Ltd $0.8608
PERL Perla Group International, Inc. $0.0014
PERM Global X Permanent ETF $
PERT Permanent Technologies, Inc. $0.02
PERY Perry Ellis International Inc. $26.11
PES Pioneer Energy Services Corp. $5.55
PESAF Panoro Energy ASA $0.719
PESI Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. $5.10
PETM PetSmart, Inc. $
PETQ PetIQ Inc. $18.00
PETS PetMed Express, Inc. $34.79
PETX Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. $5.05
PETZ TDH Holdings Inc. $4.335
PEUGF Peugeot S.A. $24.00
PEX ProShares Global Listed Private Eq ETF $36.64
PEXNY PTT Exploration and Production Public Company $7.71
PEXZF Pacific Ridge Exploration Ltd. $0.04
PEY PowerShares Hi-Yield Eq Div Achievers™ $17.09
PEYE Precision Optics Corporation, Inc. $0.50
PEYTF Parallel Energy Trust $0.00
PEYUF Peyto Exploration & Development Corp $8.74
PEZ PowerShares DWA Cnsmr Cyclicals Mom Port $52.10
PF Pinnacle Foods Inc. $63.65
PFBC Preferred Bank $64.08
PFBI Premier Financial Bancorp Inc. $19.15
PFBOF PFB Corp. $6.762
PFBX Peoples Financial Corporation $13.77
PFCI Pacific Commerce Bank $6.50
PFD Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred I $13.551
PFDB Patriot Federal Bank $
PFE Pfizer Inc. $35.68
PFED Park Bancorp Inc. $
PFEM PowerShares Fdmtl Emerg Mkts Lcl Dbt $
PFF iShares US Preferred Stock $37.56
PFG Principal Financial Group Inc. $55.84
PFGC Performance Food Group Co $34.90
PFGY PerfectEnergy International Limited $
PFGZP Principal Financial Group Inc. $
PFH Cabco Tr Jcp 7.625 Common Stock $13.075
PFHD Professional Holding Corp $16.51
PFHO Pacific Health Care Organization, Inc. $4.75
PFI PowerShares DWA Financial Momentum Port $34.07
PFIE Profire Energy, Inc. $4.70
PFIG PowerShares Fundamental Inv Gr Corp Bond $24.68
PFIN P&F Industries Inc. $8.49
PFIS Peoples Financial Services Corp. $46.45
PFK Prudential Financial Inflation- $24.95
PFL PIMCO Income Strategy Fund Shar $11.81
PFLC Pacific Financial Corp. $10.76
PFLT PennantPark Floating Rate Capit $13.41
PFM PowerShares Dividend Achievers™ $25.18
PFMS PaperFree Medical Solutions Inc. $0.0002
PFMT Performant Financial Corporation $2.79
PFN PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II $10.43
PFND Pathfinder Cell Therapy, Inc. $0.0016
PFNI Psychic Friends Network Inc. $
PFNO ParaFin Corporation $0.0001
PFNX Pfenex Inc. $7.58
PFO Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Oppo $10.83
PFODF Premier Foods plc $0.502
PFOH Perpetual Federal Savings Bank $29.20
PFPT Proofpoint, Inc. $117.23
PFRRF PetroFrontier Corp. $0.061
PFS Provident Financial Services, Inc. $26.69
PFSCF ProMetic Life Sciences Inc. $0.55
PFSD Pacific Sands Inc. $0.0001
PFSI PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. $20.75
PFSQF Plastoform Holdings Limited $0.00
PFSW PFSweb Inc. $10.07
PFTI Puradyn Filter Technologies Inc. $0.017
PFX The Phoenix Companies Inc. $
PFXF Market Vectors Pref Secs ex Fincls ETF $19.19
PG The Procter & Gamble Company $72.81
PGAL Global X FTSE Portugal 20 ETF $13.00
PGAS Petrogress, Inc. $0.0185
PGC Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corp. $34.05
PGCG Prime Global Capital Group Inc. $0.02
PGCX Virtual Sourcing, Inc. $0.0007
PGD iPath Asian & Gulf Currency Reval ETN $40.00
PGDIF Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. $0.13
PGDQY Page Industries Limited $0.00
PGEI ProGreen Properties, Inc. $
PGEJF Petroleum Geo Services ASA $3.23
PGEM Ply Gem Holdings, Inc $21.60
PGENY Pigeon Corp. $11.66
PGF PowerShares Financial Preferred $18.48
PGFY Pingify International Inc. $0.00
PGH Pengrowth Energy Corporation $0.8102
PGHY PowerShares Glbl S/T Hi Yld Bd $23.61
PGI Premiere Global Services, Inc. $
PGICQ Progressive Gaming International Corporation $
PGIE PGI Energy, Inc. $0.0001
PGJ PowerShares Golden Dragon China $46.15
PGLA Progen Pharmaceuticals Limited $
PGLC Pershing Gold Corporation $1.97
PGLO Pan Global Corp. $0.0016
PGM iPath DJ-UBS Platinum TR Sub-Idx ETN $19.11
PGN Paragon Offshore plc $
PGND PGA Holdings Inc. $
PGNE PrimeGen Energy Corp. $0.0001
PGNN Paragon National Bank $11.05
PGNPF Paragon Offshore plc $
PGNPQ Paragon Offshore plc $
PGNRF Pan Global Resources Inc. $0.1593
PGNT Paragon Technologies Inc. $0.92
PGNX Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $7.23
PGOG Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. $0.00
PGOL Patriot Gold Corp. $0.081
PGP Pimco Global Stocksplus & Incom $13.635
PGPEF Publicis Groupe SA $72.996
PGPHF Partners Group Holding AG $742.90
PGPM Pilgrim Petroleum Corporation $0.0001
PGR Progressive Corp. $60.36
PGRD Proguard Acquisition Corp $0.15
PGRE Paramount Group, Inc. $15.12
PGRX Prospect Global Resources, Inc. $0.06
PGSC Progressive Green Solutions, Inc. $0.05
PGSI Pegasi Energy Resources Corporation $0.01
PGSVY Petroleum Geo Services ASA $4.57
PGSY Portlogic Systems Inc. $0.0065
PGTI PGT, Inc. $18.60
PGTK Pacific Green Technologies Inc. $0.80
PGUS ProGreen U.S. Inc. $0.0266
PGUZ Pegasus Pharmaceutical Company $0.0025
PGWFF PGG Wrightson Limited $0.42
PGX PowerShares Preferred $14.51
PGXPF Pelangio Exploration Inc. $0.048
PGZ Principal Real Estate Income Fu $17.0017
PH Parker-Hannifin Corporation $179.09
PHA PulteGroup, Inc. $
PHB PowerShares Fundamental High Yld Corp Bd $18.51
PHD Pioneer Floating Rate Trust Pio $11.53
PHDG PowerShares S&P 500 Downside Hdg $28.29
PHF Pacholder High Yield Fund, Inc. $
PHFB Phantom Fiber Corp. $
PHG Koninklijke Philips N.V $42.98
PHGFF Koninklijke Philips N.V $
PHGO PhotoAmigo, Inc. $1.50
PHH PHH Corporation $10.69
PHI Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company $26.07
PHII PHI Inc. $13.749
PHIIK PHI Inc. $12.65
PHIL PHI Group Inc. $0.0367
PHJMF Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna tbk PT $0.2972
PHK Pimco High Income Fund Pimco Hi $8.21
PHLH Pacer Health Corporation $0.00
PHLI Pacifichealth Laboratories Inc. $0.0042
PHM PulteGroup, Inc. $31.06
PHMB PharmaCom Biovet Inc. $0.0001
PHMD PhotoMedex, Inc. $
PHMZF Patient Home Monitoring Corp. $0.06
PHO PowerShares Water Resources $30.47
PHOEF Tellza Communications Inc. $
PHOS Phosphate Holdings, Inc. $0.0445
PHOT Growlife, Inc. $0.0199
PHRX Pharmagen, Inc. $0.0013
PHRZF $0.22
PHSL PHSL Worldwide Inc. $0.0003
PHT Pioneer High Income Trust $9.51
PHTCF Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company $26.18
PHUN PetroHunter Energy Corporation $
PHX Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. $21.05
PHXHF PHX Energy Services Corp. $1.68
PHXXF Phoenix Group Holdings Plc $10.84
PHYH Physicians Healthcare Management Group Inc. $
PHYMF Phytotech Medical Limited $
PHYS Sprott Physical Gold Trust ETV $10.73
PIAGF Piaggio & C. SpA $2.79
PIAIF Ping An Insurance $10.00
PICB PowerShares International Corporate Bond $27.71
PICK iShares MSCI Glbl Metals & Mining Prdcrs $34.53
PICNF Picanol NV $0.00
PICO PICO Holdings Inc. $11.35
PID PowerShares Intl Dividend Achievers $15.75
PIE PowerShares DWA Emerg Mkt Mom Port $20.9772
PIED Piedmont Mining Co.Inc $0.0015
PIEX Pioneer Exploration Inc. $
PIFMF PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk $0.52
PIFMY PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk $25.14
PIH 1347 Property Insurance Holdings, Inc. $6.80
PIHN Polaris International Holdings Inc. $0.0001
PII Polaris Industries, Inc. $108.37
PIKE Pike Corporation $
PILBF Pilbara Minerals Ltd. $0.6572
PILL Direxion Daily Pharmctcl&Medcl Bl 2X ETF $21.23
PILS Direxion Daily Pharmctcl&Medcl Br 2X ETF $
PIM Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust $4.77
PIMO Premier Alliance Group Inc. $
PIN PowerShares India $25.02
PINC Premier, Inc. $31.26
PINXF The People's Insurance Company $0.58
PIO PowerShares Global Water $25.5797
PIOI $0.18
PIP PharmAthene, Inc. $
PIPI Premier Investment Properties Inc. $0.0001
PIR Pier 1 Imports, Inc. $2.17
PIRGF Premier Gold Mines Limited $2.361
PIRS Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $5.92
PISEF Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. $
PITPY Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa tbk PT $15.43
PIVN Phoenix International Ventures, Inc. $0.0046
PIXY ShiftPixy Inc. $2.46
PIY Preferred Plus Trust $16.533
PIZ PowerShares DWA Dev Mrkt Mom Port $27.66
PJC Piper Jaffray Companies $79.55
PJET Priority Aviation, Inc. $0.0004
PJH Prudential Financial, Inc. $25.30
PJL Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Pre $
PJP PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals $66.07
PJS PreferredPlus Trust Ser FAR 1 T $26.71
PJT PJT Partners Inc. $53.39
PJXRF PJX Resources Inc. $0.1433
PK $30.94
PKAY Peekay Boutiques, Inc. $
PKB PowerShares Dynamic Building & Construct $30.63
PKBK Parke Bancorp Inc. $20.55
PKCOF Park24 Co. Ltd. $24.745
PKD Parker Drilling Co. $0.6086
PKE Park Electrochemical Corp. $17.01
PKG Packaging Corporation of America $121.48
PKGM Pocket Games, Inc. $0.0001
PKI PerkinElmer Inc. $76.35
PKIN Pekin Life Insurance Company $12.75
PKIUF Parkland Fuel Corporation $24.2584
PKO Pimco Income Opportunity Fund C $26.17
PKOH Park-Ohio Holdings Corp. $41.45
PKPH Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $0.0838
PKPL Park Place Energy Corp. $0.19
PKREY Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited $
PKT Procera Networks, Inc. $
PKTX ProtoKinetix Inc. $0.04
PKW PowerShares Buyback Achievers $56.93
PKWY Parkway Bank $0.003
PKX POSCO $85.25
PKY Parkway Properties Inc. $
PL Protective Life Corporation $0.00
PLAB Photronics Inc. $8.45
PLAD Pladeo Corp. $
PLATF Parmalat SpA $3.81
PLAY Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc. $43.31
PLBC Plumas Bancorp $29.0901
PLBN Pilot Bancshares, Inc. $3.64
PLCC Paulson Capital $
PLCE The Children $122.90
PLCM Polycom, Inc. $
PLCSF PLC Systems Inc. $
PLD Prologis, Inc. $64.94
PLDGP Prologis, Inc. $61.50
PLFF Orpheum Property Inc. $0.009
PLFM Platforms Wireless International Corp. $0.0001
PLFRY Palfinger AG $41.79
PLFX Pulse Evolution Corporation $0.20
PLG Platinum Group Metals Ltd. $0.22
PLGC Playlogic Entertainment Inc. $0.0008
PLGTF Pilot Gold Inc. $
PLHCF Plant Health Care plc $0.323
PLKI Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. $
PLKT Planktos Corp. $0.15
PLL Pall Corporation $
PLLMF Plata Latina Minerals Corporation $0.021
PLLVF Palladon Ventures Ltd. $0.001
PLLX Pollex, Inc. $0.03
PLM Polymet Mining Corp. $0.88
PLMT Palmetto Bancshares Inc. $
PLND Market Vectors Poland ETF $18.75
PLNR Planar Systems Inc. $
PLNT Planet Fitness, Inc. $38.69
PLNTQ Proliance International, Inc. $0.00
PLNZF Plant Impact plc $
PLOW Douglas Dynamics, Inc. $43.65
PLP Protective Life Corporation 8.0 $
PLPC Preformed Line Products Company $73.11
PLPL Planda $0.0161
PLPM Planet Payment, Inc. $4.49
PLRCF Polar Resources Corp $
PLSB The Pulse Beverage Corporation $0.0003
PLSDF Pulse Seismic Inc. $2.3318
PLSE Pulse Biosciences, Inc $15.95
PLSKY Pelion Spolka Akcyjna $0.00
PLT Plantronics, Inc. $66.74
PLTM First Trust ISE Global Platinum Index $90.70
PLTYF Plastec Technologies, Ltd. $11.9999
PLUG Plug Power Inc. $2.15
PLUNF PT Lautan Luas Tbk $0.05
PLUS ePlus inc. $89.85
PLW PowerShares 1-30 Laddered Treasury $31.41
PLWTF Panalpina World Transport Holding Ltd. $153.60
PLWTY Panalpina World Transport Holding Ltd. $25.83
PLWY Inc. $0.0007
PLX Protalix BioTherapeutics, Inc. $0.43
PLXP PLx Pharma Inc. $4.30
PLXS Plexus Corp. $58.25
PLXT PLX Technology Inc. $
PLYA Playa Hotels & Resorts N.V. $10.90
PLYFF Playfair Mining Ltd. $0.04
PLYM Plymouth Industrial REIT Inc. $17.93
PLZB Plaza Bank $
PLZLY Polyus Gold International Limited $
PM Philip Morris International, Inc. $81.87
PMAH PlasmaTech, Inc. $0.00
PMBC Pacific Mercantile Bancorp $9.85
PMBS Puramed Bioscience Inc $0.0001
PMC PharMerica Corporation $
PMCB PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. $0.0508
PMCM Primco Management Inc. $
PMCS PMC-Sierra Inc. $
PMCT PMC Commercial Trust $
PMCUF PRO Medicus Ltd. $6.18
PMD Psychemedics Corp. $20.93
PMDKF PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk $0.54
PMDL Pace Medical Inc. $0.005
PMDP Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. $0.00
PME Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd. $3.75
PMEA PM&E, Inc. $0.0001
PMET Pacific Metals Corp. $
PMF PIMCO Municipal Income Fund Com $12.50
PMFI Probe Manufacturing Inc. $
PMGYF Perpetual Energy Inc. $0.5861
PMHRF PT Matahara Putra Prima TBK $0.08
PMIG PMI Construction Group $1.00
PMIR The PMI Group, Inc. $0.90
PMKIF PT Merck Tbk $0.00
PML Pimco Municipal Income Fund II $12.57
PMLDY Covata Limited $
PMM Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust $7.03
PMMEF Premium Exploration, Inc. $0.0041
PMNXF Perseus Mining Limited $0.355
PMO Putnam Municipal Opportunities Trust $11.61
PMOIF Premier Oil plc $1.32
PMOIY Premier Oil plc $1.70
PMOZ PrismOne Group, Inc. $0.01
PMR PowerShares Dynamic Retail $36.98
PMRGF Panmure Gordon & Co. plc $2.30
PMRS Auto V Resources, Inc $
PMSNF Proteome Sciences plc $0.089
PMSO Primal Solutions, Inc. $0.04
PMT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust $18.50
PMTS CPI Card Group Inc. $2.85
PMTWF Promethean World Plc $
PMTYF Playmates Toys Ltd. $0.11
PMX PIMCO Municipal Income Fund III $11.44
PMXO PMX Communities, Inc. $0.0011
PMXX Primix Corp. $0.0009
PMZZF Prim SA $0.00
PN Patriot National, Inc. $0.00
PNAJF PanAust Limited $
PNAR Pan American Resources, Inc. $
PNBC Princeton National Bancorp Inc. $0.005
PNBI Pioneer Bankshares Inc. $30.00
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp Inc. $19.05
PNC The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. $145.60
PNCGF Pinecrest Energy Inc. $
PNCH IC Punch Media, Inc. $
PNCHD IC Places, Inc. $
PNCKF Pure Nickel Inc. $0.0174
PNCOF Pioneer Corporation $1.7301
PNDFF PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk $0.00
PNDMF PNI Digital Media Inc. $1.08
PNDZF Pandora A/S $112.00
PNDZY Pandora A/S $
PNF PIMCO New York Municipal Income $11.54
PNFP Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc. $65.85
PNFTF Petroneft Resources Plc $0.01
PNGAY Ping An Insurance $20.745
PNGM Pengram Corporation $
PNGZF Paringa Resources Limited $0.2338
PNI Pimco New York Municipal Income $10.45
PNIK Precious Investments, Inc. $0.60
PNJZY Punjab National Bank Unsponsore $
PNK Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. $32.95
PNM PNM Resources, Inc. $38.65
PNNT PennantPark Investment Corporat $7.02
PNNX Pennexx Foods Inc. $0.0031
PNOW Pure Hospitality Solutions Inc. $0.0001
PNPFF Pinetree Capital Ltd. $1.50
PNPL Pineapple Express Inc. $0.90
PNQI PowerShares NASDAQ Internet $132.02
PNR Pentair Ltd. $44.30
PNRA Panera Bread Company $
PNRC Premier Energy Corporation $0.0008
PNRFF Planet fr SA $3.4163
PNRG PrimeEnergy Corp. $65.75
PNRXF Porto Energy Corp. $0.00
PNTA PennantPark Investment Corporat $
PNTC Planet America Inc. $0.18
PNTP Patriot National Inc. $0.072
PNTR Pointer Telocation Ltd. $14.36
PNTV Players Network $0.0477
PNTZF Kombat Copper Inc. $0.273
PNW Pinnacle West Capital Corporation $78.30
PNWRF Valeura Energy Inc. $4.003
PNX The Phoenix Companies Inc. $
PNY Piedmont Natural Gas Co. Inc. $
PNYTF Poynt Corporation $0.0002
POAHF Porsche Automobil Holding SE $81.48
POAHY Porsche Automobil Holding SE $8.05
POCEF Photon Control, Inc. $1.446
PODD Insulet Corporation $86.03
POEFF Pan Orient Energy Corp. $0.8938
POETF POET Technologies Inc. $0.3117
POFCF Petrofac Limited $8.95
POFCY Petrofac Limited $4.13
POFNF Power Financial Corporation $24.9586
POGS Pioneer Oil & Gas $0.15
POHEF Planet Organic Health Corp. $0.3953
POIL Pacific Oil Company $
POL PolyOne Corporation $42.64
POLA $5.99
POLMF Polaris Minerals Corp $
POLR Polar Petroleum Corp. $0.002
POLXF Polydex Pharmaceuticals Ltd. $1.02
POM Pepco Holdings, Inc. $
POOL Pool Corp. $141.64
POOSF Poseidon Concepts Corp. $0.001
POPE Pope Resources, A Delaware Limited Partnershi $70.448
POPT Pop3 Media Corp. $
POR Portland General Electric Company $41.33
PORMF NovX21 Inc. $0.00
POROF Panoro Minerals Ltd. $0.277
PORS Portus Corporation $0.13
POSC Positron Corporation $0.04
POST Post Holdings, Inc. $76.59
POT Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Inc. $20.04
POTG Portage Resources Inc. $0.0011
POTN $0.30
POTRF Potash Ridge Corporation $0.078
POWI Power Integrations Inc. $66.75
POWL Powell Industries, Inc. $35.04
POWN POW! Entertainment, Inc. $
POWR PowerSecure International, Inc. $18.76
POWT POWRtec International Corp $0.0001
POYYF Polymetal International Plc $10.70
PPA PowerShares Aerospace & Defense $56.325
PPAAF PT Perusahaan Gas Negara $0.165
PPAAY PT Perusahaan Gas Negara $9.59
PPAL Peoples Trust Company $55.05
PPAMF Pirelli & C. SpA $16.41
PPBI Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc. $39.40
PPBL Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc. $
PPBN Pinnacle Bankshares Corp. $27.50
PPBV Purple Beverage Company, Inc. $0.0002
PPC Pilgrim's Pride Corporation $20.74
PPCCY PICC Property and Casualty Co. Ltd. $46.00
PPCH Propanc Health Group Corporation $
PPCQ Premier Pacific Construction $0.1999
PPCYY PPC Limited $
PPDF PPDAI Group Inc. ADR $6.66
PPEHF Pure Technologies Ltd. $
PPERF PT Bank Mandiri $0.503
PPERY PT Bank Mandiri $11.29
PPFC Pan Pacific Bank $
PPFP Pacific Copper Corp. $
PPG PPG Industries Inc. $104.95
PPH Market Vectors Pharmaceutical ETF $57.91
PPHM Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $
PPHMP Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $24.622
PPJE PPJ Enterprise $0.0001
PPL PPL Corporation $26.72
PPLKF Petropavlovsk PLC $0.08
PPLKY Petropavlovsk PLC $0.08
PPLT ETFS Physical Platinum Shares $84.25
PPMD Protide Pharmaceuticals Inc. $0.0257
PPMH Platinum Parimutuel Holdings, Inc. $0.016
PPMT Profit Planners Management, Inc. $0.05
PPNT Pinpoint Recovery Solutions Corp. $0.84
PPO Polypore International Inc. $
PPOLF PT Multipolar TBK $0.00
PPOTF Pacific Potash Corporation $0.03
PPP Primero Mining Corp. $1.80
PPPI Proactive Pet Products, Inc. $
PPPLF Pan Pacific Petroleum NL $0.005
PPPMF Primero Mining Corp. $0.20
PPR ING Prime Rate Trust Common Sto $5.16
PPRO Patent Properties, Inc. $234
PPRQF Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trus $9.20
PPRTF Passport Potash Inc. $0.00
PPRUF Kering SA $571.50
PPRUY Kering SA $63.99
PPRW Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. $0.0031
PPS Post Properties Inc. $
PPSF Peoples-Sidney Financial Corp. $10.99
PPSI Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. $5.30
PPSTF Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. $0.04
PPT Putnam Premier Income Trust $5.28
PPTIQ Protein Polymer Technologies Inc. $
PPTL Premium Energy Corp. $0.05
PPTO Precision Petroleum Corp. $
PPWLM PacifiCorp $130.27
PPX PPL Capital Funding, Inc. 2013 $25.02
PQ PetroQuest Energy Inc. $
PRA ProAssurance Corporation $41.00
PRAA Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. $38.65
PRAH PRA Health Sciences, Inc. $80.22
PRAN Prana Biotechnology Limited $1.994
PRAY Praco Corporation $0.65
PRB Market Vectors Pre-Refunded Muni ETF $24.2685
PRBAY Paran $
PRBCF Precise Biometrics AB $0.189
PRBEF Rooster Energy Ltd. $0.03
PRBZF Premium Brands Holdings Corporation $93.915
PRCK Placer Creek Mining Co. $0.062
PRCM Praebius Communications, Inc. $
PRCP Perceptron, Inc. $9.15
PRCYF Panterra Resource Corp. $0.2193
PRDC Paradigm Resource Management Corporation $
PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc. $0.0001
PRDSF Prada S.p.A $5.22
PRDSY Prada S.p.A $9.87
PRDWF Parade Technologies, Ltd. $0.00
PRE PartnerRe Ltd. $
PREA Pure Earth, Inc. $0.00
PRED Predictive Technology Group, Inc. $1.18
PREGF PRD Energy Inc. $0.0023
PREIF Precipitate Gold Corp. $0.049
PREKF PrairieSky Royalty Ltd. $21.7101
PREMF PreMD Inc. $0.0001
PREX Progress Energy Inc. Contingent value obligat $0.59
PRF PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 $111.79
PRFC Epcylon Technologies, Inc. $0.0499
PRFGF Perform Group plc. $
PRFT Perficient Inc. $24.01
PRFZ PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1500 Small-Mid $133.26
PRGAF Pargesa Holding SA $
PRGB Protea Biosciences Group, Inc $0.00
PRGE Paradise Ridge Hydrocarbons, Inc. $
PRGN Paragon Shipping Inc. $
PRGNF Paragon Shipping Inc. Cl A $0.0171
PRGNL Paragon Shipping Inc. $
PRGO Perrigo Company plc $77.52
PRGS Progress Software Corporation $38.24
PRGT Prodigital Film Studios Inc. $
PRGX PRGX Global, Inc. $9.50
PRH Prudential Financial, Inc. $25.25
PRHB Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. $0.0001
PRHL Premier Holding Corp. $0.0169
PRI Primerica, Inc. $95.50
PRIM Primoris Services Corporation $25.63
PRIS Promotora de Informaciones, S.A. $
PRK Park National Corp. $113.03
PRKA Parks! America, Inc. $0.215
PRKO Perkins Oil & Gas, Inc. $
PRKR Parkervision Inc. $0.775
PRKV ParkVida Group, Inc. $0.0023
PRLB Proto Labs, Inc. $118.00
PRLE Paragon Real Estate Equity & Investment T $2.80
PRLO Prologic Management Systems Inc. $0.007
PRLS Peerless Systems Corp. $
PRLX Parallax Health Sciences, Inc. $0.171
PRMK ProConcept Marketing Group, Inc. $0.0006
PRMLY Prumo Log $2.71
PRMO Prom Resources, Inc. $0.00
PRMQY Piramal Enterprises Limited $0.00
PRMRF Paramount Resources Ltd. $11.382
PRMW Primo Water Corporation $13.55
PRN PowerShares DWA Industrials Mom Port $
PRNAF Prana Biotechnology Limited $0.05
PRNI Printron Inc. $0.001
PRO PROS Holdings, Inc. $36.3895
PROBF Probe Mines Limited $1.06
PROF Patriot Minefinders Inc. $
PROM Propel Media, Inc. $0.265
PROP Propell Technologies Group, Inc. $0.015
PROT Proteonomix, Inc. $0.03
PROV Provident Financial Holdings, Inc. $18.245
PROW Progress Watch Corporation $
PROXQ Proxim Corp. $0.00
PRPCF Prophecy Coal Corporation $2.0744
PRPH ProPhase Labs, Inc. $4.40
PRPI Perpetual Industries Inc. $0.025
PRPL Purple Innovation Inc. $8.75
PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc. $0.0001
PRPO Precipio Inc. $0.3974
PRQR ProQR Therapeutics N.V. $3.90
PRRE Praetorian Property, Inc. $0.5499
PRRFY Premier Foods plc $2.51
PRRR Pioneer Railcorp $10.30
PRRY Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. $0.0035
PRSC Providence Service Corp. $72.79
PRSEF Prosafe SE $2.75
PRSEY Prosafe SE $1.5472
PRSG Primus Guaranty, Ltd. $0.13
PRSN Perseon Corporation $
PRSS CafePress Inc. $1.39
PRTA Prothena Corporation plc $14.85
PRTDF Petro Matad Ltd. $0.1711
PRTK Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $11.20
PRTO Proteon Therapeutics Inc $2.15
PRTS U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc. $1.62
PRTT Protect Pharmaceutical Corporation $0.60
PRTX Protalex Inc. $0.37
PRU Prudential Financial, Inc. $101.23
PRVAF PetroNova, Inc. $
PRVG ProVest Global, Inc. $
PRVT Private Media Group, Inc. $
PRVU PreVu, Inc. $0.003
PRXG Pernix Group Inc $0.51
PRXI Premier Exhibitions Inc. $
PRXL PAREXEL International Corporation $
PRXM Proxim Wireless Corporation $0.60
PRY Prospect Capital Corporation $
PRYMF Prysmian S.p.A. $29.70
PRYMY Prysmian S.p.A. $15.10
PRYNF Oramericas Corp. $0.0997
PRZCF Great Atlantic Resources Corp. $
PS Pluralsight Inc. Cl A $20.00
PSA Public Storage $204.69
PSAU PowerShares Global Gold & Prec Metals $18.9182
PSB PS Business Parks Inc. $113.89
PSBC Pacific State Bancorp $0.0015
PSBH PSB Holdings Inc. $
PSBP Provident State Bank of Preston, MD $51.00
PSBQ PSB Holdings Inc. $71.00
PSBR Pascack Bancorp, Inc. $
PSC Principal U.S. Small-Cap Multi-Factor Index E $31.69
PSCC PowerShares S&P SmallCap Consumer Stapl $63.10
PSCD PowerShares S&P SmallCap Cnsmr Discret $
PSCE PowerShares S&P SmallCap Energy $18.30
PSCF PowerShares S&P SmallCap Financials $52.43
PSCH PowerShares S&P SmallCap Health Care $115.90
PSCI PowerShares S&P SmallCap Industrials $66.22
PSCM PowerShares S&P SmallCap Materials $50.9878
PSCO ProtoSource Corporation $0.004
PSCR Proto Script Pharmaceutical Corp. $0.017
PSCT PowerShares S&P SmallCap Info Tech $79.18
PSCU PowerShares S&P SmallCap Utilities $50.752
PSDLF Prism Medical Ltd. $
PSDMF Gaming Realms plc $0.104
PSDNF Poseidon Nickel Limited $0.03
PSDO Presidio Inc. $15.14
PSDV pSivida Corp. $1.22
PSEC Prospect Capital Corporation $6.345
PSEM Pericom Semiconductor Corp. $
PSF Cohen & Steers Select Preferred $25.50
PSG Performance Sports Group Ltd. $
PSGFF Precious Shipping Public Company Limited $0.39
PSGLQ Old PSG Wind-down Ltd. $0.40
PSGR Pershing Resources Company, Inc $0.02
PSGTF PT Semen Indonesia $0.75
PSGTY PT Semen Indonesia $13.165
PSHIF Petroshale Inc. $1.59
PSI PowerShares Dynamic Semiconductors $49.54
PSID PositiveID Corporation $0.0001
PSIX Power Solutions International, Inc. $3.90
PSJ PowerShares Dynamic Software $75.3325
PSJEF Petsec Energy Ltd. $
PSJEY Petsec Energy Ltd. $0.35
PSK SPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETF $42.8619
PSL PowerShares DWA Consumer Stapl Mom Port $67.54
PSLRF Palliser Oil & Gas Corporation $0.00
PSLV Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET $6.33
PSMH PSM Holdings Inc. $0.011
PSMI Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation $
PSMMY Persimmon plc $76.94
PSMT PriceSmart Inc. $83.00
PSNTF Aurora Cannabis Inc. $
PSNX Pure Snax International, Inc. $0.0002
PSO Pearson plc $12.24
PSON Petrosonic Energy, Inc. $0.0027
PSORF Pearson plc $11.3458
PSP PowerShares Global Listed Private Eq $12.36
PSPGF Prosperity Goldfields Corp. $1.1496
PSPSF PSP Swiss Property AG $92.80
PSPW 3Power Energy Group, Inc. $0.0978
PSQ ProShares Short QQQ $34.46
PSR PowerShares Active U.S. Real Estate $77.62
PSRU Purespectrum, Inc. $0.0004
PSSR PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. $1.80
PSSS Puissant Industries, Inc. $0.08
PST ProShares UltraShort 7-10 Year Treasury $23.6194
PSTB Park Sterling Corporation $12.26
PSTG Pure Storage, Inc. $23.58
PSTI Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. $1.42
PSTO Powerstorm Capital Corporation $0.005
PSTR PostRock Energy Corporation $
PSTX Patient Safety Technologies, Inc. $
PSUD PetroSun Inc. $0.025
PSUN Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. $
PSWR Prism Software Corporation $0.0019
PSWS PureSafe Water Systems, Inc. $0.0001
PSWW Principal Solar, Inc. $0.125
PSX Phillips 66 $121.91
PSXP Phillips 66 Partners LP $49.53
PSYTF Pason Systems Inc. $15.74
PT Portugal Telecom, SGPS S.A. $
PTABF PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk $1.00
PTAH PTA Holdings, Inc. $0.0001
PTAIF Astra International tbk PT $0.53
PTAIY Astra International tbk PT $9.86
PTAM Potash America, Inc. $0.0049
PTAXF Petroamerica Oil Corp. $
PTBI PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. $
PTBS Potomac Bancshares Inc. $15.30
PTBTQ Pope & Talbot Inc. $0.00
PTC PTC Inc. $87.90
PTCHF Patch International Inc. $
PTCK Pro-Tech Industries, Inc. $
PTCO PetroGas Company $0.41
PTCT PTC Therapeutics, Inc. $30.52
PTEEF Plaintree Systems Inc. $0.1467
PTEFF Pioneering Technology Corp. $0.287
PTEK PokerTek, Inc. $
PTEL Pegasus Tel, Inc. $0.0004
PTEN Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. $23.01
PTEO Proteo Inc. $0.05
PTF PowerShares DWA Technology Momentum Port $56.61
PTFRY PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk $18.61
PTGCY Portugal Telecom, SGPS S.A. $0.2979
PTGEF Portage Biotech Inc. $0.088
PTGI PTGi Holding, Inc. $
PTGXF Portugal Telecom, SGPS S.A. $
PTH PowerShares DWA Healthcare Momentum Port $78.60
PTHIY PT Holcim Indonesia Tbk $2.976
PTI Proteostasis Therapeutics $5.16
PTIE Pain Therapeutics Inc. $8.95
PTIFF Petroceltic International plc $0.0001
PTINY PT Indosat Tbk $
PTITF PT Indosat Tbk $0.38
PTJSF Pt Jasa Marga $0.2721
PTKFY PT Kalbe Farma Tbk $18.12
PTKMF PT Kimia Farma $0.00
PTLA Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc. $41.38
PTLC Pacer Trendpilot 750 ETF $28.98
PTLF Petlife Pharmaceuticals Inc. $0.009
PTM UBS E-TRACS Long Platinum TR ETN $9.46
PTMC Pacer Trendpilot 450 ETF $30.38
PTMEF PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk $0.12
PTMEY PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk $8.97
PTN Palatin Technologies Inc. $1.21
PTNAF PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk $
PTNDF PT Vale Indonesia Tbk $0.188
PTNDY PT Vale Indonesia Tbk $12.21
PTNR Partner Communications Company Ltd. $3.81
PTNT Internet Patents Corporation $
PTOAF Petrolia, Inc. $3.859
PTOG Petrotech Oil and Gas, Inc. $0.0001
PTOI Plastic2Oil, Inc. $0.0255
PTOO Pitooey!, Inc. $
PTOP Peer to Peer Network $0.0035
PTORF Spartan Energy Corp. $4.902
PTOS P2 Solar, Inc $0.0026
PTP Platinum Underwriters Holdings Ltd. $
PTPF All Marketing Solutions, Inc. $0.0199
PTQEP PetroQuest Energy Inc. $6.00
PTQMF Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. $
PTR PetroChina Co. Ltd. $77.93
PTRA PetroTerra Corp. $0.0089
PTRC Petro River Oil Corp $1.05
PTRDF Petrodorado Energy Ltd. $0.05
PTRGF 1010 Printing Group Limited $0.00
PTRR Petrichor Corp. $
PTRY The Pantry, Inc. $
PTSC Patriot Scientific Corporation $0.005
PTSH PTS Inc. $0.26
PTSI P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc. $35.00
PTSRF Partners Real Estate Investment Trust $2.3814
PTSX Point.360 $
PTTTS Palmetto Real Estate Trust $6.80
PTVYF Petro Vista Energy Corp. $0.017
PTWHF M Pharmaceutical Inc. $
PTX Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. $2.64
PTXKY PT XL Axiata Tbk $2.73
PTXP PennTex Midstream Partners, LP $19.86
PTY Pimco Corporate & Income Opport $16.60
PTZIF Patrizia Immobilien Ag $15.50
PUBC PureBase Corporation $0.138
PUBGY Publicis Groupe SA $18.57
PUBQQ Public Media Works Inc. $
PUCCF Pancontinental Uranium Corporation $0.05
PUDA Puda Coal Inc. $0.0005
PUGB Puget Sound Bank $35.50
PUGE Puget Technologies,Inc $0.0012
PUGOY Peugeot S.A. $23.26
PUI PowerShares DWA Utilities Momentum Port $26.24
PUK Prudential plc $49.71
PUKPF Prudential plc $25.65
PULB Pulaski Financial Corporation $
PULM Pulmatrix, Inc. $0.4551
PULS Pulse Electronics Corporation $
PUMD ProUroCare Medical Inc. $0.004
PUMGF Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. $0.0598
PUMP ProPetro Holding Corp. $18.59
PUNK ePunk, Inc. $
PUODY Promotora y Operadora de Infraestructura SAB $203.50
PUPS Pick-Ups Plus, Inc. $0.0015
PURA Puration, Inc. $0.0424
PURE PURE Bioscience, Inc. $0.692
PURO Purio, Inc. $
PURT Purthanol Resources Limited $0.0049
PUSH Publix Super Markets, Inc. $17.00
PUTKF PT United Tractors Tbk $2.70
PUTKY PT United Tractors Tbk $54.60
PUW PowerShares WilderHill Progrsv Energy $26.49
PUXPF Puma Exploration Inc. $0.058
PVA Penn Virginia Corporation $
PVAC Penn Virginia Corp. $62.50
PVAH Penn Virginia Corporation $
PVAYL Penn Virginia Corporation $
PVBC Provident Bancorp, Inc. $23.55
PVBK Pacific Valley Bank $11.25
PVCL Privileged World Travel Club, Inc. $
PVCT Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. $0.08
PVD Administradora de Fondos de Pensiones Provida $
PVDRF Providence Resources Plc $0.12
PVEC PV Enterprises International Inc. $
PVEG Pacific Vegas Global Strategies Inc. $0.0031
PVEN Press Ventures, Inc. $0.00
PVG Pretium Resources Inc. $7.00
PVH PVH Corp. $155.11
PVHO Provision Holding, Inc. $0.027
PVI PowerShares VRDO Tax-Free Weekly $24.94
PVLTF United Photovoltaics Group Limited $0.091
PVLY Premier Valley Bank $
PVMCF Pine Valley Mining Corp. $0.005
PVOTF Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. $0.38
PVSP Pervasip Corp. $0.0001
PVTA Preventia, Inc. $0.05
PVTB PrivateBancorp, Inc. $
PVTBP PrivateBancorp, Inc. $
PVTD PrivateBancorp, Inc. $
PVTL Pivotal Software Inc. $18.86
PVTTF Pivotal Therapeutics Inc. $
PVVTF Pivot Technology Solutions, Inc. $1.6735
PW Power REIT $6.57
PWAVQ Powerwave Technologies Inc. $
PWAZQ Power Air Corp. $
PWB PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Growth $43.00
PWBI Perfect Web Technologies, Inc $
PWC PowerShares Dynamic Market $97.9516
PWCDF Power Corporation of Canada $22.6416
PWCHF Power Chips plc $
PWCRF Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp. $0.06
PWDY Powerdyne International, Inc. $0.0003
PWE Penn West Petroleum Ltd. $
PWEB Pacific WebWorks, Inc. $3.40
PWEBQ Pacific WebWorks, Inc. $
PWEI PacWest Equities Inc. $0.0001
PWESF Pacific & Western Credit Corp. $0.19
PWLK Powerlock International Corp. $0.0001
PWNX Powerlinx Inc. $0.0001
PWOD Penns Woods Bancorp Inc. $44.2722
PWON Powin Corporation $1.76
PWPY Power Play Development Corporation $0.02
PWR Quanta Services, Inc. $32.81
PWRD Perfect World Co., Ltd. $
PWRM Power 3 Medical Products Inc. $
PWRV Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. $
PWSEF Petrowest Corporation $0.064
PWTC Power Technology Inc. $0.01
PWURF Powertech Uranium Corp. $0.1773
PWV PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap Value $36.44
PWVI PowerVerde, Inc. $0.12
PWX Providence and Worcester Railroad Company $
PWZ PowerShares Insured California Muni Bond $25.75
PWZYF Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen Spólka Akcyjna $7.25
PX Praxair Inc. $142.10
PXBP Phoenix Bancorp, Inc. $
PXD Pioneer Natural Resources Co. $202.71
PXE PowerShares Dynamic Energy Explor & Prod $23.1046
PXF PowerShares FTSE RAFI Dev Mkts ex-US $45.92
PXFG Phoenix Footwear Group Inc. $0.22
PXH PowerShares FTSE RAFI Emerging Markets $23.04
PXI PowerShares DWA Energy Momentum Port $41.82
PXJ PowerShares Dynamic Oil & Gas Services $9.59
PXLC PowerShares Fundamental Pure Large Core $
PXLG PowerShares Fundamental Pure Large Grow $47.80
PXLV PowerShares Fundamental Pure Large Value $38.67
PXLW Pixelworks, Inc. $4.055
PXMC PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Core $
PXMFF Philex Mining Corp. $0.09
PXMG PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Growth $48.342
PXMV PowerShares Fundamental Pure Mid Value $30.5793
PXQ PowerShares Dynamic Networking $51.41
PXR PowerShares Emerg Mks Infrastructure $36.96
PXS Pyxis Tankers Inc. $1.13
PXSC PowerShares Fundamental Pure Small Core $
PXSG PowerShares Fundamental Pure Small Grow $33.715
PXSLY Pharmaxis Ltd. $3.68
PXSV PowerShares Fundamental Pure Small Value $30.595
PXYN Praxsyn Corporation $0.007
PYB PPlus Trust Series GSG-2 Tr Ctf $
PYBX PlayBOX $0.035
PYC Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc Ser $
PYCFF Marret Resource Corp. $0.4145
PYCT PayChest, Inc. $0.00
PYDS Payment Data Systems, Inc. $1.67
PYGMF digital entertainment plc $1.75
PYHH Phyhealth Corp. $
PYHOF Playmates Holdings Limited $0.1351
PYK PPlus Trust Ser GSC-1 Tr Ctf Cl $
PYMOF Pryme Energy Limited $0.07
PYMXQ PolyMedix, Inc. $
PYN PIMCO New York Municipal Income $8.68
PYNGF Pyng Medical Corp. $
PYOC Pyrocap International Corp. $
PYOIF Promotora y Operadora de Infraestructura SAB $11.1274
PYPL PayPal Holdings, Inc. $74.67
PYRNF PyroGenesis Canada Inc. $0.4163
PYS Merrill Lynch Depositor Inc PPl $19.50
PYT PPlus Tr GSC-2 Tr Ctf Fltg Rate $21.90
PYZ PowerShares DWA Basic Materials Mom Port $71.21
PZA PowerShares Insured National Muni Bond $25.11
PZB Merrill Lynch Depositor, Inc. M $
PZBO PBB Bancorp $
PZBW Plaza Bank $
PZC PIMCO California Municipal Inco $9.79
PZD PowerShares Cleantech $44.30
PZE Petrobras Argentina SA $11.16
PZG Paramount Gold and Silver Corp. $1.64
PZI PowerShares Zacks Micro Cap $19.1912
PZN Pzena Investment Management, Inc $8.71
PZOO Pazoo, Inc. $0.0004
PZRIF Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp. $10.25
PZRX PhaseRx, Inc. $
PZT PowerShares Insured New York Muni Bond $23.93
PZZA Papa John's International Inc. $50.89